Tribute to harry potter series

(It’s my small tribute as a Harry potter fan. In part 2 – Chamber of Secrets, through lockhart’s card carrying cupids, Ginny delivered harry a song as Valentine’s day proposal. But harry did not accept it at that time. This story is an imaginary continuation happening during Harry’s sixth year based on that incident.)

Harry looks out of the window enjoying the view of green spring grass and sound of birds singing melody. The smell of spring was hovering in the air. The weather was warm. Students were on the grounds enjoying the climate. But Harry is standing with Ron and Hermoine in an empty corridor, waiting for Ginny . As Ginny approaches them, he caught the sudden waft of that flowery smell. He inhales deeply to get a grip, and says, Ginny , I don’t know how to say this to you. but i want to say it eitherway. I…“. Ginny looks around questioningly at Hermoine and Ron . They also seem confused by his words. It’s been 6 years since Ginny saw harry for first time in real. but she couldn’t stop herself from falling for him everytime. Ginny lets out a sigh.
“Ginny…”.Harry calls again to get back her attention. Snapping out of her daydream, Ginny asks casually, “Yes Harry. What do u want to tell me?”

Harry seems to be rehearsing something in his mind before telling her. Ginny seems surprised by his nervousness. It was usually she who became nervous when Harry is around. Harry produces his wand suddenly and gives it a wave. A lovely red card appears in his hand. He looks nervously at Ron and gives the card to Ginny. Thinking of enormous possibilities Ginny smiles broadly. She openes the card and begins reading.

                 “His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
      I wish he was mine, he’s really divine
         The hero who conquered the dark lord”

Recognizing those familiar words she looks up eagerly at Harry and tries to get any hint through his eyes. It was the same song she had written for Harry years ago. He merely returns her smile and gestures her to go on with reading. It seemed a huge effort to concentrate with her mind thinking of all possibilities. Moving all those thoughts aside she turns the card to read the remaining content.

                                                   “You are my sunshine,
                                                      Fresh as rain,
                                                      I wish you are mine,
                                                      Love of my life time”

Ginny was so overwhelmed by happiness and looks at the card with a lovely smile. Only the card carrying cupids were missing. Looking around she realises it was the same corridor Harry had been forced to listen the singing valentine message she sent through the dwarfs. This sweet moment was exactly how Ginny planned years back. Harry looks at Ron. He smiles approvingly. Ron looks around at Hermoine with longing eyes but finds her too busy looking at Ginny & Harry. Hermoine flickers her wand and makes flowers shower over them. “That’s very thoughtful” says Ron.  “Thank you, Ron!” said Hermione, looking both pleased and a little confused. Harry turned away, smiling to himself and  holds out his hand and Ginny takes it. Forgetting the people around, they end up hugging each other and he plants a sweet kiss on her forehead. Fred and Feorge comes hurrying towards them.

“Aww George, we missed the fun. Do it again Harry” says Fred. Harry rolls his eyes. All end up laughing.

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My dream was not impossible
It was clear as sky
Light as air
Still it was my need much
More than water or food
It kept me motivated
Made my life alive
Made day and night as one
Now as its reality
Its time to start dreaming again 😉

Sometime it is good to be …..

Sometime it is good to  smile for you,than

to laugh hard for others

Sometime it is good to be silent,than

to  talk all the time

Sometime it is good to argue,than

to keep things to yourself

Sometime it is good to be  yourself,than

hiding our identity

Sometime it is good to be angry,than

to smile and say ‘Its ok’

Sometime it is good to be childlike,than

to behave matured

Sometime it is good to enjoy your hobby,than

your work

Sometime it is good to be  ‘imperfect’ ,than

pretending perfection

Sometime it is good to be happy ,than

to make happy

Sometime it is good to love your  life , than

to just live it

Horror Night

I was sleeping peacefully. suddenly  i felt uneasy, something was coming near me. It’s shadow was becoming huge, something scary. I tried to move away but couldn’t. I was confused , too scared to even scream.
When i tried to turn around i realized something was actually near my feet. I kicked hard and was sweating badly. And then i saw something jump off from my bed and when i saw clearly , cat meowed in complaining tone . I was laughing at my timid nature 😉

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