Words are mirror
Reflects thoughts without terror,
Words are like Rainbow shade
It’s joy is hard to fade,
Words are like waves
shows what the heart craves,
words are like drug
with perfect dose it struck,
words are like rock,
each one rocks,
I am crazy collector of such playful words in my mind!

Word Castle

Let’s build a word castle

Grab words from your imagination,

Unscramble your thoughts,

Build it word by word,

Bind it with emotions,

Paint it with feelings,

Lock the negativity out,

Keep the door open for positivity,

Make it monument of your memories 🙂

word castle



Cast my Spell

I will make you spellbound
I don’t want wand or magic
I will bewitch you by words
Hypnotise you with feelings
Mesmerize with rhymes
Enchant you with its meaning
Fasinate you with the truth behind it
Let the writer inside me
Cast my spell
Innocent yet breathtaking spell 🙂


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