Unfulfilled dream

“You know I had a dream yestereday , It was raining heavily and I was playing in it, Sun was hidden in the clouds and It was about to come out and I was eargerly waiting for rainbow and guess what…” Suddenly her voice lost that excitement she had at first.

I smiled at her and said “You suddenly woke up before seeing the rainbow”.

She laughed, “Is it that predictable?”

” I am hearing same dream for long time. Why you are so eager about seeing rainbow ? Did you ever that see in your life ?” I asked curiously.

She thought for a while and replied ” I did not see ever. Not even once. I want to see rainbow once in my life, either in the dream or in real. But I had to wait a long for it I guess”

I patted her shoulder and said “Sometimes waiting is also equally fun”

She nodded and lost in her thoughts.

“Swetha , Make it fast otherwise we will get late to office” I honked my car. It’s been a while since she had that dream,  I wondered did she have the same dream again.

“Ya Shree. I am here”, She replied her voice is muffled in middle of eating.

She hurried outside stuffing some notes in her bag.

“Did you prepare well for the session ?” I asked her in concern.

She replied “Ya I did prepare well. Let’s see there” and she took out the notes and began reading it.

I noticed the huge traffic jam on her way, I checked the watch and wished we reach office on time.

We were waiting in the line of cars, Suddenly it started raining, and out of nowhere I saw the rainbow appear. I couldn’t control my excitement. I looked at her eagerly. She was still reading her notes.

I turned her face towards me and pointed to the rainbow. Suddenly she was smiling broadly , all her stress lines gone for a second. She lowered the window and was fully admiring the rainbow, her joy knew no bound. She whistled in happiness. I let her enjoy the moment, After all it was her long time unfulfilled dream.

She smiled at me , I told her  ” Some of your dream became reality like this in a unexpected time. you have to wait for the pieces to fall in right place in right time”. I nodded understanding my point. May be few dreams in our life are like this, occurs after long waiting, But surprise us when it happens. Have belief and wait for it.


மனம் சின்ன குழந்தையாய்
துள்ளி குதித்திட
ஆனந்த கூத்தாட
எல்லையில்லா மகிழ்ச்சியில்
களித்திருக்க ஏங்கி ஏங்கி
தவித்த காலங்கள் சில,
மற்றும் அவை முழுதும் கற்பனை
காட்சிகளாய் மறைந்த
பொழுதுகளும் பல !!


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