Is media a good teacher

Do you agree that we learn most of the things from what we hear or watch often?  Now if you agree to that point, Let’s think about it for a while. 
We watch movies or serials or simply the videos in social media. Most of these show the negative things in the world unknowingly thinking this will teach us how to see life. There’s always a hero who is so good and innocent and also there are villains who will create loads of problem to the hero. The story revolves around them, in the journey of hero anticipating the problem and at the end how he overcomes them and defeats the villain.
Seeing all this, we began to over analyze the people in our life, we end up anticipating anyone to change into a villain at any time and to create a problem. In the process of being the hero, we end up assuming some normal person as a villain in our life. Is this mentality actually protecting us or just making an illusion of being protected? I agree media teaches us how to perceive things, But aren’t we forced to think like they want us to think?

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