Greatest fear

“Truth or dare ?” She asked playfully.

“Dare” He said and smiled.

“So you are not ready to confront the truth?” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes that’s right” He gave his sweet smile.

“Fine then. I dare you to try to stand in that terrace parapet. She pointed to the highest building she could see from here” She said annoyingly.

He looked at the building and his face fell.

He replied in the small voice “You know I am afraid of heights. you can’t be serious right ? “

“Ofcourse I am serious. That’s why It is dare sir. Now come on , do it” She replied in excited voice.

“No I am not doing it” He replied firmly closing his eyes.

“You are too much. Come on, Lets do it together” She dragged him towards the building.

He came along reluctantly. He did not dare to look down.

“See it’s not that difficult” She climbed the wall and said.

“Be careful you idiot. Come on” He said with concern.

“I am not coming down, Until you climb up” She said in sing-sang voice.

His head was spinning. He knelt down and said in painful voice.

“You don’t know the pain of losing people like this. It’s not worth doing. Come down”

She climbed down and reached him “ I am so sorry. It was just for fun. I never meant to hurt you”

He looked up and said “ I have lost my mother like this , he climbed up as I insisted her, But I lost balance, She saved me and couldn’t save yourself. I couldn’t got over that fear of losing people, This height reminds me my helplessness. I am sorry. That is my greatest fear and that will be ever.”

She put her hand in his shoulder and replied with relief “That’s truth. I wanted to hear.”


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