Innocent vs strict

“This is the last time , I am doing it for you” she said in a strict voice.

“This is what you said last time also” He said scratching his head in confusion and gave his epic baby tooth smile.

His mom couldn’t act strict after hearing his innocent reply and ended up smiling. She hold his hands and began teaching him to write alphabets again.

Short story challenge

“I hate you” He sniffed his nose and said.

She looked at him and said playfully “ I don’t mind”.

Without much difficulty she kept the snacks box on the top shelf.

After trying a lot to reach it , her small boy accepted his defeat and silently finished his food. She pulled his cheeks affectionately and kept the snacks box beside him.

He screeched “I love you mom ” and hugged her tight.

She rolled her eyes and whispered in his ears ” I know”.

Note: This is written for a story challenge starting with ” I hate you”.

Who is teacher

“This seems perfect. You are truly improving” he said looking at the notebook.

She was so happy with her hardwork.

“Varun thank you. I am glad I wrote your name for first time.” She taught him a lot ,Now it’s time for son to teach his mom.

Fulfil my wish

Lonely as the night, silent as a star, I sat in the shore , lost in the thoughts. Those waves crawls happily towards me but then it disappear in tiny tiny water droplets before even I really realise it. Silently I was talking to sea , my mind feel light now.

“ Did you like those waves more than me ? “ he asked teasingly.

“ Yeah , atleast they listen to me . “ I smiled and replied.

“Let’s go “ he said in mock anger.

I tried to move , but he lifted me in his arms and started walking . This is our Sunday routine . We came here without fail. Earlier I used to carry him , now his turn . My son never forget to grant my wish of talking to waves. Doctor restricted me from getting down the bed, but he help me see the rest of the world like this.

“Thank you “ I whispered in heavy voice.

“ For you thousand time over “ he replied quoting my favourite line from Kite runner, which I used to tell him often.

I can’t control my laughter .

Father and son

“Dad do you know which day it is ?” His son asked him.

“Why ? Is it your birthday or your mom’s ? or my anniversary ? “ His dad said thinking hard.

“It is … I .. just.. nothing” His voice trailed away.

After he left his dad noticed a gift and greetings made by his son. When he opened it he saw “Happy Birthday my dear hero” in bold. His eyes got watery seeing that.

“What Happened?” Asked his wife.

“Nothing. I was just… thinking to sleep” He said hiding the tears.

His son had inherited his nature of not showing emotions explicitly. He went and watched his 5 year old son , curled up in bed, fast asleep already 🙂


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