Is it so cool to be popular in social media

Did you ever tried to recall  how satisfied we were before we get addicted to this smart phone social(Virtual) world? We took one photo out of blue, we framed it and were happy seeing that , we used to show it to all our relatives and friends when they came home. Now trend has changed, Click the selfie or group picture , share it instantly to social network and became restless if no one liked that picture. If noone liked that we began to self-doubt , wasn’t it  a good picture?

Most of our time is spend in grooming our picture with effects and filters , then actually taking care of our own health or beauty. Foods left forgotten in interesting chatting. Even emotions are limited to smileys.  We put a lot of  effort in making the chat without any interruptions, But what about the person sitting right next to you ? We talk to them with our eyes glued to phone , half of the time we don’t have any idea what they are talking about.  You will be isolated in your own world. Remember One day when you decide to stay away from phone, no one will be there to be with you.

You can be so popular in social media. You can have lakhs and lakhs of followers, you might get millions likes. But for this virtual happiness we are spending more precious time , thinking about what to post next, what picture should I take, we are losing the real happiness . we are even missing real happiness of traveling, with few pictures, songs and movies. Leave all that, Look around your surrounding. Connect with real people and places. Don’t let your world shrink to the size of phone screen, Take off your eyes and live your life.

PS: Saying all this , I am not exception to this, But I have realised it at least now , What about you ?

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