Self cleansing

Today the world is completely different from the one we had known all these years. We can’t go out as we please or can’t stay close to the people as we used to do. We are hearing and trying to apply new terms to our dictionary ‘Social distancing’. We are forced to let go of the things we used to do like partying, gymming and roaming around. Now we are filtering out the need from the wish and fun. If animals are moving back to the comfortable and natural habitat and the environment is self-cleansing, then can we do this to ourselves? Look around you and filter out the unneeded things from your life without which you can live as usual. Look inside your mind and try to do something that you have always wanted to do but was procrastinating because of not having time. Now its time, so start digging up and explore your wishes.

Who are you

You are that playful daughter
Who is yet to grow up,

You are that caring sister
Who sacrifices her choice,

You are that brave wife
who tackles endless responsibilities,

You are that sweet mom
who loves her kids indefinitely,

Even with so many identities,
are you happy in your life?

or have you compromised
yourself with a heavy heart ?

If so ,do something you dreamt of
and create a unique identity,

anything that makes you proud and say with a smile

That’s who ‘I am’!

I fell in love

At last I fell in love,
With most wonderful person.
Someone who was there for me
Always every single minute of my life
Even when I try to run away from that person
All these years ,
Scolded,taken for granted,
Tried to change ,
Hated too much,
Hurted with comparisons.
It’s time to value
And to acknowledge the love.
i wont ever regret it.
i would be happiest person,
if i had accepted earlier.
With a huge smile,
i look directly into the mirror
and whisper ‘I am lucky and i owe you’
i have fallen in love
with me,
Now and forever.


This is how I fell for me

Human psychology says you fell in love with the person , you spend most of your times with.

When you are surrounded by loving people, you feel dependent on them for your happiness. You stay under the illusion that , you feel loved just because of their stay in your life.

Imagine the time when they unfortunately leaves you , you became depressed losing their company. But when you get used to be alone but happy. That’s how you fell in love with yourself.

You don’t lock yourself in room and worry. You go out and shop till you get your awesome collection of dresses, you go and enjoy your favourite sweet. You buy books you love and get lost in it. You spend quality time with you grooming yourself and smiling happily. that’s my story also 🙂

Luckiest person 

Have you ever wondered who is luckiest person in this world ?!

Well It depends on people’s mind. You see someone and think how lucky they are, and that someone might in turn look at you and feel how lucky you are. But you both will never knew or agree how lucky you both are with your life.

So frankly noone is lucky enough to know they are lucky , if there is someone there it will be a miracle and I would say they are the luckiest person in the earth.

Unerasable scar

Few scars are not visible 

But kills you from inside 

Pain is unbearable

Mere words can’t explain it

It just empty your happiness

Wipe off every trace of smile

However bad it is

Soothe the wound
Let it heal

Let the scar fade away 

Be kind to yourself , promise yourself 

Not to remember the pain and relive it

If something did not happen

It had no chance either way

Accept the fact , Let it go

Don’t pull the failures of past 

And hurt yourself more and more 🙂

Sometime it is good to be …..

Sometime it is good to  smile for you,than

to laugh hard for others

Sometime it is good to be silent,than

to  talk all the time

Sometime it is good to argue,than

to keep things to yourself

Sometime it is good to be  yourself,than

hiding our identity

Sometime it is good to be angry,than

to smile and say ‘Its ok’

Sometime it is good to be childlike,than

to behave matured

Sometime it is good to enjoy your hobby,than

your work

Sometime it is good to be  ‘imperfect’ ,than

pretending perfection

Sometime it is good to be happy ,than

to make happy

Sometime it is good to love your  life , than

to just live it

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