The year fill of surprises

When something is about to leave you forever, you will have more attachment towards it. That’s what I feel today on the last day of this year. Even though you keep on fighting with someone all day long, you will miss them when they leave. When I look back, I have the same mixed feeling about this year. With the pandemic, this year was weird in its way. But it was unique, we will never see the same year again. It has given us its share of smiles and tears.  It was not just another year. It was remarkable to everyone for a different reason. We were able to do work from home all year long, not meeting anyone from our workplace and stayed at home without roaming anywhere and did zero shopping. We wouldn’t have thought of all this as reality before this year. We were able to differentiate the materialistic things in our lives and were happy spending only on necessary things.   Even though it was not a favourite for everyone,  I want to thank this year for giving us a new experience in life.  I am glad that this year is there in my life story. 


Few moments in life

I want to hug and cherish,

Few I want to threw away in anger,

Few moments I want to etch in my memory,

Few I want to erase even trace of it ,

Few moments I want to relive in my mind,

Few I want to skip forever,

Few moments are spicy like chilly,

Few are sweet as dessert,

But I value sad void moments

It give true meaning to my smile

It make me see my life in fair way

Life is truly a mixture of both moments

Understand it love it 🙂

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