Disabled, by Thinking

Can you think how often you hear this ‘I can’t’ ? May be you are the one saying it or you hear others often say this. I wonder how come we are so sure about , ‘we can’t’. Did we try that before ? Did we push ourself to that extreme and failed ? Even if we have failed, why can’t we succeed again with few more attempts.

Out of all those people say ‘ I can’t’ Only very few actually tried it ever. They assume they can’t do , just because of fear . They convince themselves and others. Did you ever try pushing people to actually try it once ? After lot of reluctance, when they do it , they succeed eventually.

Let me explain this with a story.   Two people are doing excercise . One guy ask other “How many push ups you can do ?”

Other guy replied “100 push ups” , hearing that first guy challenges him to do 150 today.

Other guy replied “I can’t do it man, that’s beyond my limit” Still the first guy insists him to do with a exciting bet.

Second guy couldn’t deny it , He tries to do it with determination to win the bet.

He first do 100 , with little doubt he proceeds to do 50 more. Eventually he had completed 150 and was actually very surprised. He had done something which he always thought he can’t do . What do you think was stopping him ? He himself! with the limitation he had created in his mind.

Just think about it, Even people with disability are achieving heights in life with strong will power. But we , whom world believes to be perfect healthy persons, Live in our beautiful little world with the illusions we have created about yourself. Push your boundaries , little by little every day. Disability exists, but only  in our mind. A person is as disabled , as he thinks he is.



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