Relations are made by delicate threads of love and care…It is one of beautiful craft of human….It is an art to make a new relation or to maintain the existing relation ….It is like the glowing lamp ,shines brightly when we kindle that with constant fuel of trust and passion….and it will survive  even in  bad environment when there is hands to protect the relation….Maintaining the relation is like taking care of baby ,only needs our full attention and lovely embrace….It is like playing guitar gives sweet music when we learn to handle the strings gently…. It is like mother’s love to the child and seems nice to see the relation grow day by day and it takes us to the wonderful world step by step……..It is like the rainbow each color(each relation ) have it’s beauty……Each relation is worth for the entry in our life’s page…. Every relation create some nice moments in our life….when we enjoy some relation with someone we have to just give them some time to embrace it too…. All the relations leave their signs in our heart even after it ended…..:) 

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