Let’s play a mind game

Let me guess

You got curious seeing the topic

You wanted to know what it says

Oh you got surprised !

Just a wild prediction

You skim through to know more

Did you get message

You are looking for ?

I hope no ! So far,

Our Mind is like a kid

You give it thoughts to munch

First you anticipated  it’s interesting post

Seeing title , your mind believed

After reading, you may have

Second thoughts , so your mind lost interest

Always filter what you tell your mind indirectly

Because you shape your mind images

Make it positive and confident

Feed it constructive thoughts

Agreed !!
Now you might be smiling ,

Or nodding your head,

After all it’s  small mind game

To get your attention

I predict you will surely hit like

If you understand above points 🙂

Be that voice

Be that voice
Not just murmurs or whispers
Be strong and Bold,
Which creates fear even in evil minds,
Be that voice
Which creates an echo
Not one or two
But lakhs and lakhs of people’s echo,
Be that voice
Which nags people’s minds
But no one ever dares to speak up,
Be that voice
Which not only acknowledges the problem
But solves it too,
Be that voice
Which never waits for anyone to initiate,
Be that voice
which even destroys the immovable wall of crisis,
But Please Don’t just be that voice
which starts with a force when the problem arises
but fades out with time,
Voice it, until the problem
ceases to exist , not only in our memory
But in reality too!!!


Everyone tells a story 

Everyone tells a story 

Few are boring as hell
Few make me jump in joy

Few make me bite my nail

Few let me crouch in corner

Few make me wince in pain

But all are unique

It’s an art

As I am crazy listener,

I travel along the story  

And love to carve it delicately in my heart 🙂

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