Passion is a desire for something. It makes our life glowing with a new amazing energy. Many people shine in some specific field because of the that. It gives us peace  in doing that even though it is challenging. It differs from person to person like music,films,gardening,creation,designing,sports and much more. Passion is something inside us that keep us motivated for doing something in that. Every small things we do with that passion seems so awesome and  inspiring us to do more. Many people fights against this society to fulfill their passion. Some choose their passion as their field to achieve … and some enjoy that along with their other interests like me writing gives me peace and it help me to relax all my worries. It make me feel fulfilled. This passion for writing gives me chance how i can express myself. 🙂

Live life with ur passion in any way.


When work is not just work!

From the time I have started thinking of my graduation, My first choice was computer science. I had a grace for it. I enjoyed being in the computer lab. When I code, I feel like a magician unveiling inside me. The only thing missing was a wand, But the magic always happened. I wanted to be software developer, One of the mesmerizing profession according to me. As planned, I got into the job right after my degree completion. It’s an extra ordinary feel to work in your desired field. I love to dig into various technical stuff and make it work in my way. I enjoy problem solving while coding, uncovering the issues within, debugging it to core and the final jackpot, solving it! It motivates me more as I can visualize life being very similar to a complex code, wherein I can debug the problem and work in various ways to solve it. It molds me to be stronger person each day, to face the problems that transpire in a diplomatic way.

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New Surprise – Poetic Medley

I am very glad with the response , am getting here. I feel blessed with very like and comment you give. I want to hearty thank you all for motivating me in turn with your enormous support.  I have taken one more step towards my passion , I have published a book ‘ Poetic Medley’ yesterday.  I feel so happy . I want to share the happiness with you here, Do read it , share your comments. I will be waiting 🙂



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