From the day I remember
She is always with me like a close member.

Whenever I look at a mirror,
She whispers in my ear
Highlighting only my minus to my terror.

Whenever I try to smile at someone,
She quickly points out
How someday it might spoil the fun.

Whenever I appreciate something,
She just laughs at me and says
How I don’t even have that one thing.

Emphasizing something she makes me jealous,
Thinking it will make our relation zealous.

Whenever I try to reason with her,
She makes a sad face
And let the feeling of the guilty stir.

She says, she wants to protect me
But I am pretty sure
She wants others to neglect me.

Whenever I feel happy and content
She fills my mind with her wicked stories
And make my feelings dent.

Even when I am dying every day,
I can’t run away
Because she merely resides
Within my mind like a curse all the way.

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