what if , there is no tomorrow

‘what if, there is no tomorrow’ topic is very ironic right ? Okay let me tell you why I chose this topic. Today I have happened to see a fire accident. you may say ‘oh yes . fire accident happen often .what’s the big deal?’ May be I would have also said the same , if I hadn’t seen one myself. when you hear something so often , your emotions die. It’s very true , everything is a news until it happens to you . People were running, fetching water, calling ambulance,fire engine. But It was nothing compared to the chaos going on in my mind. It was the same thought whirling around  ‘what if , there is no tomorrow’.

Surely Accidents can happen anytime , No one can predict it, Not even the best astrologer.  People lose their life even in a nano second. Sometimes even before they realize ‘it’s the end’. What if, this is our last day ? would we leave anything incomplete, anything unsaid, anything unexpressed ? May be that one thing Could be more important in your life when it’s done. Don’t pile up anything for tomorrow.  Say the things you want to say to anyone you care, before its too late.

Leave the dream of tomorrow’s palace, live in the reality of today’s home. Lead your life without any regret of unsure tomorrow. Before you do anything, just think about it ‘ What if , there is really no tomorrow‘.


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