Innocent vs strict

“This is the last time , I am doing it for you” she said in a strict voice.

“This is what you said last time also” He said scratching his head in confusion and gave his epic baby tooth smile.

His mom couldn’t act strict after hearing his innocent reply and ended up smiling. She hold his hands and began teaching him to write alphabets again.

My mother

As the rain
you washed off my tears

As the wind
you made my spirits high

As the blanklet
you protected me

As the mirror
you showed me who am

As the book
you made me learn this world

As the pen
you wrote my destiny

As the word
you gave me meaning

As the dream
you gave me confidence

As the playground
you taught me to rise after fall

As the angel
you came and bless my life

Even whole book is not enough,

But let me start with this small poem.

Fulfil my wish

Lonely as the night, silent as a star, I sat in the shore , lost in the thoughts. Those waves crawls happily towards me but then it disappear in tiny tiny water droplets before even I really realise it. Silently I was talking to sea , my mind feel light now.

“ Did you like those waves more than me ? “ he asked teasingly.

“ Yeah , atleast they listen to me . “ I smiled and replied.

“Let’s go “ he said in mock anger.

I tried to move , but he lifted me in his arms and started walking . This is our Sunday routine . We came here without fail. Earlier I used to carry him , now his turn . My son never forget to grant my wish of talking to waves. Doctor restricted me from getting down the bed, but he help me see the rest of the world like this.

“Thank you “ I whispered in heavy voice.

“ For you thousand time over “ he replied quoting my favourite line from Kite runner, which I used to tell him often.

I can’t control my laughter .

Dream came true

“It was the first time , we are seeing you like this” Her mom said in mid of happy tears.

She wiped her mom’s tears and replied “Aww senti. Let me check your pulse”. She took her mom’s hand to check.

Her mom laughed and said “Come on , your mom is all fit to live another 20 years, Go and treat your patients”

She smiled and turned to go, Her mom couldn’t take her eyes off her daughter’s white coat and stethoscope , living her mom’s dream.

PS : inspired by some true story

I Just wish

She thought she should have told him that She don’t want to stay here. But then her little voice in her mind replied “Does that even matter to him ?”  She pushed that sarcastic voice aside, was waiting with a huge bag to get the room cleaned.

One elderly man approached her to take her bag , he smiled and said “ You can have the room all to yourself, He wanted you to be comfortable during your stay”.

She blurted out the most pressing question she had “ Where is he ?”

That man looked at her with concern and replied “He left mam. Didn’t he tell you ?”

Her eyes crowded with tears , each step they were taking seemed heavy and the path seemed so long.

She said with shaking voice “He did. I might have forgotten it. Oh my poor memory”. She placed her hand in wall for support.

“We will take good care of you, He will call you for sure” That man replied in flat tone.

“I know he will” , She replied doubtfully, even staying in the same house , he couldnt find time to talk to her all these years.

They came to her room and she settled down , unpacked her bag and started to make it her home. She daily prayed for his health and wellness. she just wished he would come one day to take me home, Her life moved on in the same hope.

#Irony of Mother in the old age home.

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Love at first sight 

She looked at him with teary eyes and asked  “Will it work ?”
He looked into her eyes and said “ We will make it work” . His words were soothing for her.
They walked in middle of gathered kids, looking here and there.
She suddenly felt someone pulling her shawl, turned around and saw that innocent face.
She kneeled down and hugged that kid. She felt her small world is now complete . All her doubts are gone.

She murmured slowly “We will surely make it work”
That kid was also very eager to get some care. Her husband smiled seeing that , he didn’t felt the need to ask it aloud.

“We want to welcome our daughter to our home” He told the homeless kid’s home authorities.
Trully love at first sight do exists.

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