Each moment is different flavour

Few are bitter

Few are spicy

Few are sour

Few are sweet

Even if it’s too sweet

it’s not tolerable

Hence all other flavours

Are needed to highlight sweetness

So i have patience

To wait for the flavour that tickles me 🙂


Few moments in life

I want to hug and cherish,

Few I want to threw away in anger,

Few moments I want to etch in my memory,

Few I want to erase even trace of it ,

Few moments I want to relive in my mind,

Few I want to skip forever,

Few moments are spicy like chilly,

Few are sweet as dessert,

But I value sad void moments

It give true meaning to my smile

It make me see my life in fair way

Life is truly a mixture of both moments

Understand it love it 🙂

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