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Not in a mission

Start exploring the fun,
We are not in a mission,
Take one step at a time,
We don’t have to rhyme,
Look around feel the moment,
Live in the present,
It’s never too late,
We can change our fate!


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I love chocolates and I know that I will be happy when I eat it. But don’t know why, When I was a kid I used to save the chocolate for the future. I kept it secure somewhere neatly wrapped up in its cover. For a few days after that, I would open the box and look at it with longing eyes and dream for the day to eat it. The idea of having the chocolate slowly turned from joy to constant pressure of saving it.  That thought of not having chocolate scared me, I tried to save more and more chocolates.  Few of my favourite ones got spoiled even before I eat it and day by day, I lost my willingness to have it.

             Now taking this analogy, think of happiness in your life. We sometimes dream of being happy.  But never allow the luxury of being happy to our self. We keep on saving that for some big event to occur in life.  What if that big event never occur suddenly in a day, and its collection of all the small things we overlook all these days Isn’t it scary? Smile and Be Happy, Celebrate the moment without waiting for the dream of a big event in life.

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Every moment is like a chocolate

Don’t think about finishing it soon,

No worry of not having it later,

Just savor the taste at present!

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