Short story challenge

“I hate you” He sniffed his nose and said.

She looked at him and said playfully “ I don’t mind”.

Without much difficulty she kept the snacks box on the top shelf.

After trying a lot to reach it , her small boy accepted his defeat and silently finished his food. She pulled his cheeks affectionately and kept the snacks box beside him.

He screeched “I love you mom ” and hugged her tight.

She rolled her eyes and whispered in his ears ” I know”.

Note: This is written for a story challenge starting with ” I hate you”.

My right to freedom ends where yours begins

Everyone needs their personal space. They have also their precious border. But being so preoccupied we tend to forget it. We happily invade their border and we don’t even know that.

Let’s analyze a few such incidents. We go on an outing as a family, after coming back, we all will occupy the couch, won’t move an inch enjoying the rest time, except her. I don’t understand how she has that much energy left in her to make a quick dinner.

While getting ready to go somewhere, at the last minute, I needed an important thing. I kept on searching for a long time making the room messy. She comes as my savior and finds it in a minute but I don’t thank her, I even get angry at her for keeping it somewhere safe and leave. Ironically Even I don’t know where did I keep my things.

We get ice-creams for all, I have finished my favorite ice cream, she gave me her share also saying, she doesn’t like. I never wondered was it always like that or just because it was my favorite.

She doesn’t buy a dress for her birthday saying she has much dress. But she gets one for me when it’s not even my birthday and even when I have loads of new dress already. I never had given it second thoughts.

When I am having a slight cold, I get to rest In peace, thinking my mom is there. But even in high fever she stays active and does her regular chores. I never stopped and told her to rest.

I was so happy comfortable in my extended border, enjoying freedom, unaware of the fact that she is reducing her personal space to put my priorities over her until I took her hand and made her walk into my border to make both of us have an equal border. Give freedom to others, it’s never late to realize how much you were taking theirs. Really her(My mom) freedom ends where mine begins.

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Who is teacher

“This seems perfect. You are truly improving” he said looking at the notebook.

She was so happy with her hardwork.

“Varun thank you. I am glad I wrote your name for first time.” She taught him a lot ,Now it’s time for son to teach his mom.

Better today than tomorrow

“Rahul….” My mom voice echoed from backyard.

“Mom. I am here.” I ran towards the backyard with my cute small car.

She was standing there with spade in her hand, digging the ground.

“Mom what are you doing ? “ I asked curiously peeking into the hole.

“I am going to plant a mango tree here. Can you go and get me the seed?” She asked using the back of her hand to remove sweat from forehead.

I giggled looking at her innocently and said

“Mom you are making yourself dirty.”

She smiled sweetly at me and pointed towards the house to go and get the seeds.

I ran inside and returned with the seed. I looked at the small seed and asked her thoughtfully.

“Mom This seed is so small. You sure big tree will grow from it”

She laughed hearing my doubt and said

“That is how it works in nature. You plant this and give proper water and care for it daily , It will became beautiful tree and will give you sweet fruits”

“Wow I would want it to grow soon.I will love it then. Now we are working hard to get better tomorrow right Mom? ” He tried to summarize his understanding.

“Yes. It will take years and years for that. But don’t you love this now baby ? We are working on something beautiful today. Let’s celebrate it.” Saying this she handed me the small spade.

I thought about it and smiled understandingly. She is right today is always worth living than dreamy tomorrow.


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Greatest fear

“Truth or dare ?” She asked playfully.

“Dare” He said and smiled.

“So you are not ready to confront the truth?” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes that’s right” He gave his sweet smile.

“Fine then. I dare you to try to stand in that terrace parapet. She pointed to the highest building she could see from here” She said annoyingly.

He looked at the building and his face fell.

He replied in the small voice “You know I am afraid of heights. you can’t be serious right ? “

“Ofcourse I am serious. That’s why It is dare sir. Now come on , do it” She replied in excited voice.

“No I am not doing it” He replied firmly closing his eyes.

“You are too much. Come on, Lets do it together” She dragged him towards the building.

He came along reluctantly. He did not dare to look down.

“See it’s not that difficult” She climbed the wall and said.

“Be careful you idiot. Come on” He said with concern.

“I am not coming down, Until you climb up” She said in sing-sang voice.

His head was spinning. He knelt down and said in painful voice.

“You don’t know the pain of losing people like this. It’s not worth doing. Come down”

She climbed down and reached him “ I am so sorry. It was just for fun. I never meant to hurt you”

He looked up and said “ I have lost my mother like this , he climbed up as I insisted her, But I lost balance, She saved me and couldn’t save yourself. I couldn’t got over that fear of losing people, This height reminds me my helplessness. I am sorry. That is my greatest fear and that will be ever.”

She put her hand in his shoulder and replied with relief “That’s truth. I wanted to hear.”


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New things

My little girl was writing something seriously. I stood at the doorway to admire her. She was holding her pencil tight in her hand and stooped over the note before her. Her brows furrowed in concentration. She was practising handwriting dutifully. I came near her and tapped her shoulder to get her attention.
“See what mummy has got for you!” I said searching for something in my handbag.
She looked up at me with curious eyes and asked: “What is it, Mummy?”
I grabbed a new fancy pen and gave it to her.
“Oh, Pen. Why didn’t you buy a pencil Mummy” She sounded confused.
“Now My baby will write in pen from next year. you can practise with it first” I said cheerfully.
“But Mummy… ” Her voice trailed off.
I Sat down before her and put my hands on her shoulder and asked: “But What ?”
She seemed to brainstorm her brain to get the points and said finally “I am comfortable using my pencil. I am using it for a long time. I don’t know how I will like that pen. So I want a pencil Mummy.”
I smiled at her “Listen Jisha. We can have things which are comfortable with us. Even we can stay in the comfortable safe place. But that should not stop us from trying new things. Maybe that new thing will become your new favourite or you might be more comfortable with that. Come on try it” I gestured towards the pen.
She took it to try, But this time happily. I Believe, she will remember this point, not only for a pen, for new things in her life too 🙂

A child , who is no more a child

“Will you eat this ? I remember your mom telling you are not fond of it “ Asked her aunt serving food.

She stared at the food and tears came down at the mention of her mother.

“It’s okay , I will eat “ She replied in the meek voice.

She remembered those days when she used to shout at her mother saying she won’t take take a bite of it. With heavy heart, she finished her food silently.

“Anita you have became so silent and good girl “ Exclaimed her aunt who is aware of her tantrums.

She thought I wish I was like this before ,my mom would have been happy then. She felt like she had a transformation , when she first heard about her mother’s death. Few people take away a part of you with them when they go. She’s no more a playful rebellious child , she had grown up from that day.

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