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Make me jump like kid,
Bring tears in my eyes, Still I
Hold you tight – Memories

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Have you planned your year ahead

I remember reading this somewhere “New year is like a new diary to be filled”. That’s quite true though. In these 365 pages, we have the opportunity to add as many chapters as we like. We can try new hobbies to find our interest in it. We can find new friends to share our life’s secret. We can find our life partner to hold hands for the rest of our life. We can find a new job of our choice. We can read books from our reading list. We can travel to new places to enrich our experience. We can rewrite the old chapters in last year with a new perspective. Close your eyes and starts planning. Who knows you will end up collecting wonderful memories in this new diary!

Happy new year

Here’s a fresh notebook
To write new stories
To make new memories
To develop new interests
To ease out stress
To explore  new ways
To create new perspectives
To get new companions
To care and love yourself
Make up your mind and start
Filling in the pages one by one!

Word Castle

Let’s build a word castle

Grab words from your imagination,

Unscramble your thoughts,

Build it word by word,

Bind it with emotions,

Paint it with feelings,

Lock the negativity out,

Keep the door open for positivity,

Make it monument of your memories 🙂

word castle



Precious friendship

Even when we don’t see much,

Even when there is a huge distance,

Even when we are busy,

Even when we remain surrounded,

Even we don’t chat 24 * 7,

Even when we don’t talk all day,

We stay connected

Always by fine thread of friendship,

Thinking about each other,

Wishing for well being,

Praying for the safety,

Caring silently,

Let’s keep that precious friendship alive 🙂 

PS : search in your memories , say hi to that special friend 

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