Thank you

Thank you wordpress for giving my words a voice. Thank you my fellow bloggers for the support and the encouraging comments. In my blogging journey, I have learnt a lot and experimented in many different ways. Be it writing, sketching or cooking. Do share your honest feedback and Happy reading 😊😁


Let’s start this new year from first month with a feeling of gratitude. It could be about anything you have or anyone you met in life. When you find the feeling of gratitude, you will feel good and see the positive things in your life. I will go first, I am feeling grateful for the things I have achieved in life. Now its your turn, take a minute and comment about itπŸ˜€

Happy new year

Here’s a fresh notebook
To write new stories
To make new memories
To develop new interests
To ease out stress
To explore  new ways
To create new perspectives
To get new companions
To care and love yourself
Make up your mind and start
Filling in the pages one by one!

The Liebster Award


Happy New Year Everyone! May this year rhyme with you well πŸ™‚ Thanks a ton to Ananya for giving me nice new year presentΒ  byΒ  nominating Liebster Award 2017 for my blog.Β  Do check out her blog for amazing articles.


On accepting the nomination, the rules to be followed are:Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog.
Include award graphic.
Answer the questions provided.
Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Presenting my questions for the nominations :
1. Where do you see yourself 30 years from now ?
2. What is your biggest Challenge in life ?
3. What kind of writer are you?Β 
4. What is your biggest dream ? How far are you from it ?
5. What is your firm belief ?
And now coming to my set of questions by Ananya.
1. Who is your biggest inspiration?Β Β  Β  Β 

Now a days I am glad to say that I have reached that point, Where I could inspire myself to thrive more and struggle with life in hard times.Β  But the question is about the biggest inspiration , It’s my Sister. I always admire her and tries to get my energy from her. She made me to get myself together when I was broken down. She make see reasons for few things in life and made me see the life in new Light.
2. What is your definitionΒ  of life?Β Β 

Life is the fresh page to be filled in by happiness and smile. It is like the playground , where you fell before learning the rules. It is like a kitchen where you keep on experimenting where you find your recipe of satisfaction. It is wonderful companion with whom you have shared your happiness and sadness.
3. What makes you different from others?Β 

I read people and tries to understand them most of the time. Few of my close friends and family’s behavior I can guess through that. But yeah I forgot myself all together, this even hurt me sometimes This make me different from others.
4. What you feel is the most essential element of life?

Self Love is the most essential element of the life. When you love yourself, You will be able to love others also in the same way and others will also follow your lead.
5. Writing to you is?Β 

Writing to me is to vent out my feelings and emotions. As I write , thoughts seems to flow out of the mind one to one.Β  Few make me feel light, few even enlight me,fewΒ  challenge me, few make me jump in joy, few grab me to another world. Writing is the way I express myself πŸ™‚

😊😊😊😊😊😊Finally, mention an inspiring quote to end this Q&A session with a beautiful message.
“Life is a beautiful journey, Don’t look at the pit you had fallen in, Look ahead at your goal and also look around to admire the path while you travel along”
So Here is my nomination. I am also nominating 10 of my favorite But many more are there in the list , let me start from these peoples:

Happy New Year!!!

Feeling Gratitude

I am feeling gratitude to everyone who have encouraged me and supported me through all phase of my journey with wordpress. I would like to thank each of the my followers , whose count miraculously reached above 500Β  and for every likes I have got so far which comes around 2000 and for those who took their time to say their appreciations and opinions in the comment. That surely act as the pat on my shoulder. I am really glad there is few people out there , who tries to find some meaning out of my words ( So I can say its not merely scribble πŸ™‚ ) .Β  I value each of their opinion and do work on it to improve my writings .Β  To top it all I have published my first book this year , I am really really surprised myself ( winks) . I wish I get the guts and few nice stories to publish in future alsoΒ  and luckily I have became an author in theΒ herinspiration

Overall This year 2017 is very fulfilling for me and I hope its like that for my readers too ( cross my fingers). Curiously waiting to see the small surprise like this in the coming years πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

PS:Β  This is link to my book, do check it out.


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