Tempting love story

I was going to meet my friends. On my way, I  saw a house and the door was wide open. I was debating in my mind whether I should go on my way or enter this house.  It was hard to make up the mind to do the right thing. Usually, Nighttime is our ideal time to break in the house. But now, I didn’t make any effort, luck is favouring me.  I thanked the opportunity and went inside the house. I would hide here till the night and then carry on with my task.

Noone was there in the sight. I roamed around the house to find the right spot to hide.  Space behind the bedroom cupboard seemed to be a good spot to hide. The room looked clean and beautifully decorated. Suddenly, my nostrils are filled with wonderful odour.  Maybe it is coming from the dining room. I waited for the right time to sneak out of the room. But before I do that,  someone entered the room. She looked sleepy after heavy lunch and went straight to the bed.

After some time, her breathing became even and rhythmic. I can’t stop looking at her. I looked again to make sure there is no visible danger around her. I braced my mind and went close to the bed. I sat on the side of the bed. She seemed to be in deep sleep. I inched close to her and started whispering she is beautiful. She seemed confused in her half-asleep state. I whispered even more loudly, this time her eyes popped open quickly, She looked at me once with irritated eyes and carelessly hit me with her hands. She shouted  “Mom, close the door. Mosquitos started coming in the morning also”
  I died a pathetic death, spilling my blood for her.

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Unexpected two line story

“Mom do you want to eat this ice cream , there’s only one left “ He asked for formality, thinking she will say no as usual.

She smiled her devilish smile and said “ Yes ofcourse.” She leisurely ate it all like a kid.

story with twist

“You should see this, come here quick” She yelled from room.

He kept the bag and hurried inside hearing her voice.

“What happened Aditi?” He asked in confused yet relieved voice seeing her after long day.

She hided her face in palm, pointed behind the door and pushed him ahead to go and check. His heart was beating fast in anticipation.

He rolled his eyes on seeing a new puppy playing there. “Cute isn’t it ? Welcome it to our family” She said in singsong voice, laughing aloud.

He nudged her playfully and said ” You scared me stupid” He took the puppy and began playing with it forgetting all his stress. It’s really their “small bundle of joy”.

Inner struggle

She said in a heavy voice, “I love you, But“ She couldn’t finish the rest of the sentence. She closed her eyes as if trying to control her emotions.

She opened her eyes and seemed like she came to a firm decision. She slowly started backing off from the place.

She turned around and smiled ear to ear, took the cake in hand and started eating it hurriedly. She turned her eyes to the place where she left her diet oats and whispered in guilty voice“I am sorry, you know it’s my cheat day. But, I love you”.

Birthday or Deathday

This is written for a challenge to write a same story in different people’s view.

Author’s POV:

“Hello. Who’s this? “ Asked the Policemen in the bored tone.

“Inspector. My friend … In my house …. I mean. He died suddenly. We are all here … Please hurry up ” Said Nancy in the trembling voice.

“Please calm down. What’s your name? Where is your house? What happened?” He tried to get more information from her. After getting it, he disconnected the call and hurried to that place.

Taran was standing near the entrance supporting myself in the wall, his knees were ready to give away anytime. While the police entered, He came forward and blocked the way.

“What do you want? Who are you? I want to know right now” He blabbered nonchalantly.

“I want to see Nancy. I am inspector Badri and you are? “ He extended his arm to shook taran’s hand.

Taran laughed like a maniac and said looking at himself.

“Do I look like Nancy? I don’t think so. Nancy is he mad? “ He called out to Nancy.

She hurried to that place hearing the commotion.

“I am so sorry Inspector. He is my friend and he’s little out of control now” She replied apologetically and supported the Taran who was going to fall.

“It’s Okay. You are the one who talked to me in phone right? What happened?” He asked her looking around the room. Room was so nicely decorated with balloons and posters. The birthday cake was visible in the table, it seemed barely touched by anyone.

Nancy started crying and said in the middle of sobs “ My friend Samuel. Today is his birthday. I planned this to give him a surprise and invited all his friends. We are about to cut the cake, he got a call in middle, He went out to speak as there was a lot of noise here. Later he didn’t come back. He’s lying dead in the backyard. “

Inspector went to the backyard to examine the situation. Samuel was lying in the spread-eagled position in the cold evening. His face was so happy and peaceful. Constable carried on with the further procedures.

Nancy introduces Hitesh, Prabha and Shashwat to the inspector. Inspector proceeded with the interrogation. He looked calmly at Prabha and waited for her to talk, She looked shaken and her eyes are teary.

“We worked in the same office. He is a very good friend of mine” She said in low voice.

“Are you sure he is just a friend? “ Inspector asked sharply, she seemed to be stopping herself from saying something.

“He is my… I mean … I liked him” She said shyly.

Taran shouted from the other side “ Oh I also like you” She rolled his eyes at him.

Inspector carried on with the interrogation. Hitesh seemed simple guy, his ex-colleague and then Shashwat came.

“I was working with him a few months back. Then sadly he lost his job. But we were good friends “ he snorted in the middle of saying this as if controlling the urge to laugh.

Nancy was so angry, she yelled at him “ Inspector he’s lying. He didn’t like Samuel at all. I merely invited him to the party, because Samuel thought he’s good friend. He was happy when Samuel lost his job”

“Oh calm down girl. I will resolve everything” said Taran still filling his glass with wine.

Everyone ignored his comments.

Inspector looked intently at Shashwat, he merely shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

“Inspector, Please find who is the culprit. Samuel was a very nice person. He is very cheerful and fun loving guy, even when he lost his job. He is ….” Nancy’s voice trailed away in tears.

So far, Police couldn’t find any motive for murder. There was nothing unusual. There was no struggle and no blood anywhere. Police was interrogating the neighbourhood in vain.

They closed the case after examining the autopsy report as “Heart Attack”.


Story from Samuel’s pov:

I was standing there in confusion. People were watching my body laying still. Even I couldn’t believe I have died. I will just wait and watch what they will do now. I simply floated in the air following them inside.

I settled in the chair next to Inspector and began to wait for the interrogation, I am curious to hear their side of the story. He began to question Prabha. She was my crush, but I couldn’t talk to her much, she was also not comfortable with me. I sighed. But when she told she liked me. I was in cloud nine.

“OMG. If only you said this earlier, I also liked you “ I shouted forgetting that no one can hear me. When they questioned shashwat, I was expecting to hear usual good things about me. But things got changed when Nancy accused him.

I was very surprised he didn’t make any attempt to deny her accuses. I thought him as my good friend. If only I could punch him now. After investigating everyone, they concluded it as ‘Heart attack’.

I was having difficulty remembering the details of the day, still, I am clueless. I was in depression and was going to the doctor for a long time, but I didn’t tell anyone. I tried to be more cheerful. Nancy was well-wisher. She tried to make a surprise party with my friends. But before cutting the cake, I got a call. I went out to take it. There was a girl’s voice in the other end, She was telling me some good news. I tried very hard to remember what that was. My head started spinning, My sanity questioned me ‘Do ghost feel these kinds of things?’ Maybe I am the very hypersensitive imaginative ghost I concluded.

My phone blinked with a message. “ We will wait for your onboarding on the company”. Oh yes, Now I remember I had cleared that interview. Really? Did I get the heart attack on hearing that? I sighed.

I remember my doctor words ‘Sometimes bad thing is not actually bad and good things is not actually good. It could have the opposite effect too in your life’. Dunno whether he meant it or not. It happened in my life.

My heart skipped a few beats that day in joy and I took my last breath. Oh, wait a minute. Will they let me join now as a ghost? I laughed before disappearing in thin air. To highlight it ‘ So Happy I Could Die’ song was playing in the distance.


Funny love story

“You love me, don’t you?” She asked in dull voice not taking her eyes off the book she’s reading.

He got scared with the question thinking why she is asking that suddenly.

He replied in confused tone “Ofcourse I do stupid.Don’t you know ? Why what happened ?”

She replied suppressing her laughter “ Yeah I know. Can you please get me water from the fridge? This book is so interesting”.

He can’t stop himself from smiling and replied “ You are way too much”.

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You scared me

I was standing alone in my room and suddenly someone patted me at back . My blood froze for a second. I started shivering from head to toe. I was going through the inner turmoil whether to turn around and see or not . Surrounding was so silent which made my ear throb.

Finally I took a deep breath and decided to face it.

I turned around and saw him “ oh you “ I breathed with ease.

“Why didn’t you just call my name , you scared me to death” I confessed.

He smiled his evil smile and took a paper and pen and wrote something and showed it .

“ You forgot we had deal whoever lose the bet should stay silent for a day. but this is funny .” He guffowed silently .

I hit him in head.

Real Scary Event

Tom and Harry were playing in the house. Suddenly light went off. There was pin drop silence in the house. At first they were waiting for the power to come back. Every second was like  huge time. Then they decided to go and find the candle. It was pitch dark.

They hold each other hand and as their eyes got used to the darkness, they started moving inch by inch. At last, They found the cupboard. But couldnot find the key for it. Then after some serious hectic search, Tom took the key and got the torch.

Tom lighted the torch, Even the small shadow was like huge ghost now. Every small sound was creating a scary echo. Suddenly , there was a knocking sound behind the door. They were literally frightening in fear. Harry opened the door with shivering hand and backed away.

Noone was there. “Who is that?” Tom asked. Only the echo came. Then suddenly light came. His dad jumped from bed out of nowhere before them. They shrieked in shock.

Then jumped their dog behind his dad. Now it’s his dad’s turn to shout. Tom and harry ended up laughing out.

Sweet crime

Ram hastily cleaned the knife. Turning back he periodically made sure no one is coming there . He carefully  gripped the knife which was going to fell from his shivering hands.

Catching his breath to compose himself, He turned around to make sure everything is in its place and he didn’t leave any evidence.

Slowly he walked past the place and reached his room, His mom is sleeping peacefully , he slide down in his bed and gave sigh ” Can’t wait for morning to eat yummy cake. Only if mom has given him a cake when he asked ” licked his lips remembering the taste and dozed off .

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