Fun-filled cooking

“It’s never too late to order food from hotel” she shouted from the hall , her eyes moving here and there in the book she was holding, taking in every word in it.

“It’s okay. I can manage. Just give me 5 minutes” He shouted back. He sighed and played the the you tube video again for nth time. He had followed every step in it. But that dish is nowhere similar to the end result.

She looked at the watch, kept the book down and came to kitchen with suspicion.

“At least tell me what you are trying to make ? So I can help” she tried to peek into his phone.

“No no . I said I will manage. Go to hall and read . Don’t disturb me” He replied impatiently.

She hugged him from behind and about to leave, when she holded her hand and asked her to stay.

“Fine. I am done with this. Tell me why this isn’t working “ She thrusted his phone in her hand.

She carefully watched it and looked around the kitchen and sighed.

“Everything okay except one…” She paused.

“Except what? ” He asked removing sweat from his forehead.

” You have to switch on the stove without forgetting always” She pinched his cheeks and said.

She can’t control the laughter until he also joined in. They cooked together and had their tasty dinner at last.

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My new experiment

Recently I have started to try my hands on cooking , it was unbelievably wonderful. I was literally jumping up and down like a kid done a successful experiment 😂Look at the pictures and say what do you think 🤔

Twisted End story

I took the knife and laughing like mad  shouted “Atlast This day has arrived. Today I will finish this Off ”

My friends  gave me evil smile and shouted back “Not Alone Though”

I laughed with them and  tighten my hold on knife and approached slowly .

Everyone Applauded and shouted “Happy Birthday”.

I mercilessly chopped the poor cake 😀



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