Precious friendship

Even when we don’t see much,

Even when there is a huge distance,

Even when we are busy,

Even when we remain surrounded,

Even we don’t chat 24 * 7,

Even when we don’t talk all day,

We stay connected

Always by fine thread of friendship,

Thinking about each other,

Wishing for well being,

Praying for the safety,

Caring silently,

Let’s keep that precious friendship alive 🙂 

PS : search in your memories , say hi to that special friend 

Is this Long forgotten friendship ?

People meet as strangers
become friends,
Begin to travel in same path
Days goes on with laughs and talks,
But unfortunately sometime
some misunderstanding occurs,
Before they knew the reason
everything gone without trace,
Their smile & love disappears,
Those happy moments seems like dream,
One day some incidents or some names
stir those old memories,
Even though one can’t replace another,
Some go away but many more people will come,
All such persons whom we think lost
stay alive in our memories,
Just take some time to rewind those moments 🙂


Can you imagine anyone without friends?

  It can be  possible like this things . Life without breath. Temple without god’s idol. Earth without sun.

Almost everyone have aleast few friends. How our life will be without them?? It will be NOTHING . How wonderful it is that we meet someone in our life ,share our feelings and thoughts  and they become precious in our life. precious ?? May be that is also a small word to describe them:) We share our sorrows,happiness and problems with them freely with the relief that ‘ Here’s someone whom we can call ours’ .  There are many types of friends. Some very close friends, just friends,talkative friends, silent friends,short friends, sweet friends,cute friends and many more  making our life colourful in their own way. They are always in our life like stars in sky making us bright. They supported us,enjoyed  our happiness, shared our problem, appreciated us,scolded us when we were doing wrong, advised us, likewise in every suituation in our life. We need them every single minute. Friendship is a nice relation made by us. Today I am here ,writing this blog because of my friend. I thank  my FRIENDS for making me feel special.

Friendship or Love?

Think of this suituation. If people see a girl and guy talking. what thought first come to their’s mind? hmm
many things. But mostly this one ‘They might be lovers‘. Why is that so?? they can be brother sister, friends. anything like that. But still they watch them with this in mindset . We think they are doing something wrong. Why ? can’t a guy and girl be friends forever? Is this impossible thing?? I can choose someone as my brother and tie rakhi.. That is a holy thing to do. But I can’t be just friend with him? Is this even fair? why we have to hide our friendship in the shade of any relation ?

We have some childhood friends but when we grow up why we have to think a lot to even smile at them?? If we are clear in our decision why we have explain and wait for this society to accept this? why?? Is friendship not enough to show our affection?? love and friendship for two different things. Each one is beautiful in their own way. Let’s don’t confuse those two. Feel the friendship and try to respect them.


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