Have you planned your year ahead

I remember reading this somewhere “New year is like a new diary to be filled”. That’s quite true though. In these 365 pages, we have the opportunity to add as many chapters as we like. We can try new hobbies to find our interest in it. We can find new friends to share our life’s secret. We can find our life partner to hold hands for the rest of our life. We can find a new job of our choice. We can read books from our reading list. We can travel to new places to enrich our experience. We can rewrite the old chapters in last year with a new perspective. Close your eyes and starts planning. Who knows you will end up collecting wonderful memories in this new diary!

What inspires you to thrive for more

I met Srija in my first day at new school. When Everyone was hesitating to start talking, She was going here and there with smiling face and mingling with the crowd, helping everyone to relax a bit and to talk.

She was so cool and friendly person. That was the first impression I got about her. I was so admired by that attitude. I was looking at her when she came towards me to introduce herself.

I suddenly looked in different direction, She patted my shoulder like a long last friend and smiled.

“I am Srija. You can call me sri “ She winked.

I couldn’t stop my smile and stammered “I am Sarumathi. You can call me …” I started thinking.

“May be saru ?” She offered a suggestion. I smiled gratefully at her.

She stays  positive even during stressful times with smiling face, sometimes making others envy with that carefree attitude.

“This year student of the year goes to Srija. she has topped in class and also in sports” My principal’s voice used to echo every year in microphone repeating the same sentence. She was so humble,  being in top position never stopped her from mingling with others.

I always took her to my home , She even  stays there sometimes during holidays. She made me great listener  also with her stories.She loved her family very much, always talks very cheerfully about them. Her mom , dad and her little sister all seemed sounded so fun to be with. She narrates her daily incidents at home, first thing right after , she arrives to school.  I was so curious to meet her family, They kind of seemed like my family as I was hearing about them daily. But on contrary to her, I was so silent girl from my childhood , I was so scared to talk with my stammering. She made me talk a lot with others and sometime in stage too. She made sure I overcome that fear. That eventually happened one day.

“Sri I want to meet your family once. Will you take me to your home today ?” I asked curiously.

I thought she will be happy hearing that but she appeared sad for a second. Then regained her smile.

“Do you really want to come home today ?” She appeared to be taking time to think about it.
“ I really want to “ I replied slowly.

“Come on then. I will take you home.” She dragged me along with her.

When I reached her home, I thought her family had gone out. It was so silent house. I started looked around for them. She happily ushered me inside and went to kitchen to take snacks.

I  also followed her and said “It’s okay sri. No formalities na. I just want to meet your family. All this can wait. Where are they ?”

She took me to the other room. She said cheerfully “See mom, This is my best friend saru. That girl I was telling you about all these years. Come on , Saru, This is mom,dad and my cute little sister, Nila”

I looked around but found no one. She then pointed to the wall at the pictures she was talking to .

My eyes welled up. I looked at her with heavy heart, But she had the same smiling face.

“It’s okay Saru. They died when I was child, I only heard story about them from grandma. But I think they are still here with me. I didn’t tell anyone about this in fear of living in sympathy. I got scholarship every year so I could study as they wished. No worries”

I still couldn’t control my tears. I hugged her tight. I have seen many people around me , even I complaint about my good life. But she didn’t complaint even a bit about it. She accepted her life’s reality. She even achieved their dream and remained so happy with all this in mind. I couldn’t even imagine if anyone else could do that. She is great inspiration for me, One personality I would remember every time to cross any hurdles in life. I am happy I met her in my life. Its very true  ‘You are as unlucky, as you think you are’.

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Is this Long forgotten friendship ?

People meet as strangers
become friends,
Begin to travel in same path
Days goes on with laughs and talks,
But unfortunately sometime
some misunderstanding occurs,
Before they knew the reason
everything gone without trace,
Their smile & love disappears,
Those happy moments seems like dream,
One day some incidents or some names
stir those old memories,
Even though one can’t replace another,
Some go away but many more people will come,
All such persons whom we think lost
stay alive in our memories,
Just take some time to rewind those moments 🙂


“ I never knew you are talkative!! ” She exclaimed. From what she heard of him, he is a very silent guy, who don’t talk to anyone easily not even to his close friends.

“Even I did not know before I met you. We might have same wavelength of thoughts , we sync well. I am comfortable while talking to you. “ He said. Few friendship just grew thick from the day one.

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Can you imagine anyone without friends?

  It can be  possible like this things . Life without breath. Temple without god’s idol. Earth without sun.

Almost everyone have aleast few friends. How our life will be without them?? It will be NOTHING . How wonderful it is that we meet someone in our life ,share our feelings and thoughts  and they become precious in our life. precious ?? May be that is also a small word to describe them:) We share our sorrows,happiness and problems with them freely with the relief that ‘ Here’s someone whom we can call ours’ .  There are many types of friends. Some very close friends, just friends,talkative friends, silent friends,short friends, sweet friends,cute friends and many more  making our life colourful in their own way. They are always in our life like stars in sky making us bright. They supported us,enjoyed  our happiness, shared our problem, appreciated us,scolded us when we were doing wrong, advised us, likewise in every suituation in our life. We need them every single minute. Friendship is a nice relation made by us. Today I am here ,writing this blog because of my friend. I thank  my FRIENDS for making me feel special.

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