Me & My Life

From the day I got my sense
We are always together,
Sometimes you gift me
smile and enrich my day
with happiness,
Sometimes you throw the
problem and teach me
to tackle it,
Sometimes you stay heartless
and make me sad,
Sometimes you stole my peace
and play hide and seek,
Sometimes you introduce me to
nice people,
Sometimes you leave behind
rude cruel people and take away
caring people,
Sometimes you give me taste
of success,
Sometimes you show real
pain of failure,
Sometimes you laugh at me
when i fell,
Sometimes you pat my shoulder
to comfort me,
Sometimes you make me clueless
yet to see meaning of situations,
you may not be fair,
But trully worth living for,
Even when i hate you and like
you at the same time,
We have long way to go:)

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Dear past

Dear past,

You know how special you were to be when you were my present, I have laughed a lot , at the same time cried a bit with you.  I have achieved but also failed sometimes. I don’t think about those laughs and success   all the time now, In the same way don’t expect me to stick to my cries and failures.  I am matured enough to be humble with success, Don’t you think I am matured enough to forget my failures?

You are so cruel sometimes, in my sadness you remind me of my failures and shortcoming backing up with lot of facts. Only If you could just do the reverse, Reminding me of my success when I am sad. I would have kept those memories with gratefulness.

Sometimes people say ability to forget is a boon. I also believe that now. I don’t want to add your burden by making the present the regretful past in future. I have moved on, I have started working with present to make it better tomorrow. you also move on , be bold enough to let go of all your sorrows.I have no grudge on you, I wish you also don’t have any. Don’t burden yourself by keeping all those memories, Just let go of hurt,tears and failures. Keep it light with happy carefree laugh and success. I am planning to add the same to you from now on. Present and future is having more faith on you, Because you made me who I am today and you will make me more strong than today.

With Thanks,

Your present and future.


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Unsaid love

Here’s one imaginery Story :

She gave her wedding invite to him.

He could see how happy she was, he just smiled at her hiding his hurt.

“When are you getting married ? “ She Asked.

“Don’t know..” He sighed.

“ I guess your’s will be love marriage. Your poem has loads of feelings. I wish I knew for whom that is intended for. Lucky girl ah “ She teased him.

“I wish I could say the same . But no one like that . It is just imaginery” He said with heavy voice.

She was his muse, but alas she did not know that. Inside his heart he was crying , scolding himself , He should have told her his feelings that time itself. Everytime he wrote a poem for her , he wanted to propose her , then miserably failed . That silence seems too loud now , But it’s too late.

“I am happy for you. Your husband is lucky. Congrats” He replied trying hard to keep his composure. 

Like this few love stories fails in heart itself even before it starts.

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