Best seller

“Do you regret for the sad ending in the book ? “ interviewer asked him.

“I believe Regret is like cancer cell in your body, unless you remove that at early stage, it spread and takes out the life. Now back to your question , I don’t regret about it. Sometimes life does not give happy ending , it is harsh sad ending” he replied.

“Do you say that story is real one ?” She asked surprisingly.

“ That story born in my mind. It was so close to my heart. But I can’t be selfish and give it different ending . I need to justify the story. They may not be together, but they won’t leave reader’s heart. Their destiny did not let them be with each other, but it didn’t let them separate also. Like Krishna Radha love story.” he replied knowingly.

Though that story was his best seller book, but it’s the one he couldn’t be happy about ever. He sighed. Few things couldn’t be changed not even in the story.

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