Day’s Beginning

Sun climbed the hills
Birds sang merry song
Darkness is going away
People are waking up.

Birds sang merry song
Welcoming the day
People are waking up
Ready for the surprising day.

Welcoming the day and
Being positive
Ready for the surprising day
Dreaming and planning the day.

Being positive and
Feeling energetic
Dreaming and planning the day
Hopes are high.

I am Feeling energetic
Darkness is going away
Hopes are high, as
Sun climbed the hills. Related image





Each day is like a different game
Few are like chess,
they need tactics to win.
Few are like a carom match,
they need perfect aiming.
Few are like a tennis tournament,
they need concentration.
Few are like a relay race,
they need cooperation.
Few are like swimming,
they need a lot of stamina.
Few are like a marathon,
they need a lot of will power.
Few are like gymnastics,
they need you to be flexible.
Few are like weightlifting,
they test your ability.
Each one is unique and thrilling.
As our strength differs,
We cannot win every game.
Keep in mind this simple rule – JUST PLAY!

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