Wall around me

There is one strong wall around me

Constructed inch by inch,

When I was hurt, depressed!

Sometime question arise in my mind

Does this wall suffocate me ?

Does this make me feel alone ?

Does this wall make me confined ?

My inner mind replies,

Never ever!

It’s like protection inside mom’s womb!

Safe and sound ,

You are happily alone

Enjoying your own company,

Noone will come to hurt you,

I just wish you don’t let it fall ever!37120630-asian-american-woman-surrounded-by-cement-walls.jpg






I die

When I let others take me for granted

I die,

When I don’t raise my voice in fear

I die,

When I became too fragile to break at one point

I die,

When I hide my wish in name of sacrifice

I die,

When I let other’s dream replace mine

I die,

When I don’t show I am hurt until very depressed

I die,

When I am convinced pain is life

I die,

When I hide my pain beside smile

I die,

I die not by him or her or them,

I die slowly day by day by myself,

Yes , I am committing suicide by doing all this!



Short yet , dark story

Teacher was asking everyone to tell about their wish.

When it’s her turn , she replied innocently “I wish it rains”

Teacher was curious and asked “Is that it your wish ? why is it so?”

She said in deep voice “My dad has planted rice, Dad is eagerly waiting for rain , this year too , like past years. He said rain will bring us food. I wish it rains”

Teacher hugged her and prayed her simple , yet fair wish to come true.

Dark days

Some days were just dark
Whatever i do its still dark

I had searched for sun
But some days were just dark

I had tried to lit the light
But some days were just dark

I  had tried to find the bright opening
But some days were just dark

I had wanted to hide my tears
But some days were just dark

I couldn’t do anything
Other than waiting for dawn
Because some days were really very dark

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