New year, New chapter

Life is like a novel. Every new year is like a new chapter in it. We have the chance to rewrite our character in each chapter. Even though, we can’t change other characters or events happening around us. We can reshape our character to be a new version. We can learn some new skills. We can cut off a fear that’s holding us back. We can be more compassionate towards other people. We can lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Let’s author our character from the scratch, the way we want. Take responsibility for the change, dream it, shape it.


                                           Change is the only thing that happens without any change.Nothing in this world remains as it is. culture,people,environment, society,technology everything changes here.change in technology gave this easy going life for us. Whenever a phoenix bird’s life ends new one born to take it place. But the old things are not completely neglected it forms the base for the new things.The problem is that  we get used to the routine things so we don’t like it to change.we get uncomfortable with changes.But change is unavoidable,it is important stage in growth of life and if we  don’t accept change we are  neglecting the nice experience. we had witnessed lot of changes in life and will see many more. It may seem tough to accept and m sure if we accept it  will lead us to much better path than before.


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