Oh beautiful butterflies

So colorful and bright

In variety of color and shape

Sometimes I get confused

Looking this and that

Running after one

Then other , then another

My mind flies faster than butterfly

I extend my hand in hope of getting it

Few rest in my fingers

But Before I even admire the moment

It flew away ,

Few always flew out of my reach

Yet here I am reaching out to them

To have the colorful butterflies(dream) with me

For a while or even for a minutes 🙂

One Rainy day

I am witnessing the great wonder of god
Every drop is a blessing
and it brings along mesmerizing soil smell,
Making a grass and trees grow by its magic,
Rain and rainbow always amuse me,
I feel happy to be alive,
Excitement overflowing my heart,
My mind is dancing in sync with the rain drops
Thud Thud i can hear it like a rhyme,
I want to fly like pied crested Cuckoo
to drink  the rain drop by drop,
But i  just stand here lost in this moment
holding the red and white umbrella
in lovely little hands of mine
taking in this beautiful memory minute by minute 🙂


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குழந்தையின் சிரிப்பு – Baby’s laugh

கேட்க கேட்க திகட்டாத

 மழலையின் அழகிய கவிதை -சிரிப்பு


One beautiful poem

Which you never get bored of ! – Baby’s Laugh

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