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Who are you

You are that playful daughter
Who is yet to grow up,

You are that caring sister
Who sacrifices her choice,

You are that brave wife
who tackles endless responsibilities,

You are that sweet mom
who loves her kids indefinitely,

Even with so many identities,
are you happy in your life?

or have you compromised
yourself with a heavy heart ?

If so ,do something you dreamt of
and create a unique identity,

anything that makes you proud and say with a smile

That’s who β€˜I am’!

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Different people ,different perspective

I have read a story in my childhood. It is about 5 blind men describing the elephant by their touch as they come across different parts of an elephant in their life journeys. Even when you show the same thing to different people,
their version completely differs based on their experience, view and imagination. But we believe, our version is a reality, other person is completely wrong and lacks the basic understanding of things. Before you argue, before you fight,
Before you raise the voice, just think for one second that, they are a completely different person with a different perspective, which is right to them as your version is to you. This simple realisation can save ourselves from the ego and fight in future with others we face.


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Problems and mind

Every problem in life is similar to the math problem a kid got or the problem needs to be coded by a developer.
It is merely a problem which needs to be solved. But how do we do that?
Should we sit for hours and worry about it? Should we just chant mantras and wait for a miracle to happen?
Should we scold ourselves for landing in this situation in the first place? Of course not. We should brace our mind to solve it first, rack our mind to find the best solution. After that, the problem itself seems small and easy to solve. It is always difficult to get the mindset to solve the problem than solve it πŸ™‚

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Just like a baby

It’s easy to lie down and laze around,
not moving hands,
not even twitching fingers,
not using legs to move around,
not talking or eating,
not seeing or dreaming,
just sleeping with peace,
But hold on, Enough of imagining
and sighing πŸ˜€
even babies can’t resist doing all this,
when it’s born πŸ˜‹
Always Be active and feel alive just like a baby!🀩

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