When is our life well spent

Let’s say you have the dream of having your favorite food at a famous restaurant which is undoubtedly your favorite. You are so happy by even thinking about it. You reach that place but unfortunately that shop is closed, You are so damn tired , hungry and disappointed. You see a small shop opposite to that, you go there and order some dish. When it’s served, You take a deep breath, stare at the food and smile inhaling the sweet aroma coming from that. You enjoy eating it and quickly finish every bit of that without wasting or sighing about not getting your favorite food. This is how I define the life well spent, When things go your way, be happy. When things don’t go your way, then also be equally happy. That’s when I say life is well spent.


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6 responses to “When is our life well spent

  1. Now, go out and make it what others would want to be like.

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  2. This is so true. It is in our hands to perceive things positively or negatively. Great post 👍

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  3. Wisdom!
    It’s not about life going the way you want it to go. It’s about you making lemonade out of lemons.

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