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Current situation in 2019

This picture rightly shows my current situation precisely. I keep on planning and looking at the calendar with unbelievable look to find days passing by. What is your current situation now ?


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My new experiment

Recently I have started to try my hands on cooking , it was unbelievably wonderful. I was literally jumping up and down like a kid done a successful experiment 😂Look at the pictures and say what do you think 🤔


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Mickey Mouse

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Unexpected two line story

“Mom do you want to eat this ice cream , there’s only one left “ He asked for formality, thinking she will say no as usual.

She smiled her devilish smile and said “ Yes ofcourse.” She leisurely ate it all like a kid.


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Is it just me ?

Have you ever felt like this? You meet a stranger and felt the resemblance of someone you like in them. You began to believe this person is going to fill the vacuum left behind by your friends who have no time now and then same cycle repeats.

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