Why do we miss childhood

I was wondering for a long time, why do we miss childhood so much considering the fact that during childhood, we wanted to grow up as quickly as possible. Luckily I was able to convince myself with this analogy when I wrote a Quora answer. Tell me if you also agree with this!

Let’s say you like biscuits, you began eating biscuits every day. At first, you like it, but after some time, you began to dream of the chocolates. You want your biscuit stack to get over so you can try chocolates, you eat more biscuits without even tasting it fully.

Now when you got chocolates, eventually You are bored of that also and you wish you have biscuits like before and realise it was good actually, but you didn’t enjoy eating it well.

Like this when we are kids, we want to grow up badly. When we do and see the life of adults, we want to go back again to childhood.


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6 responses to “Why do we miss childhood

  1. Unfortunately in life it is progress or regress!


  2. My childhood is still being developed. Great post.

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  3. Powerful and interesting read. Thank you so much for sharing. Do find time to read mine in childhood here https://sunniesmybunnies.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/one-day-i-will-not-be-this-small/

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