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Blue bird singing sketch


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Can you write the first thing you got in your mind on seeing this picture ?

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Imaginary emotions

As the human we have wonderful power, to bring & relive the happy moment in the past in our mind or to overthink any fearful/hurting Situation over and over again.

The effect of these two thinking is different. When you think of a happy or funny moment, it surprisingly lost its fun part after some time. But when you think of fearful/hurting situation we add our imagination and think what if it happened like this, what if anyone thought like this. we ourselves make it big, unknowingly with our thinking alone. Otherwise, it’s fairly simple emotion Happiness, Fear or tragic. Agree?

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Story challenge

He wore lipstick with shaky hand and looked outside the window lost in his own world.

Sighing he took the tissue near his face, but they weren’t enough to wipe off his tears.

He broke down and sat on the ground , her memories are haunting him day and night .

He is living with all the evidence she had left behind reminding her stay in this world. She is smiling at him as always from his wallpaper.

PS: Story starting with “He wore lipstick ”


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Untold story

“I wanted to tell but I couldn’t , that’s why I wrote a book for her . I wanted to tell the whole world that I loved a girl , she was my soulmate” He said in the interview with stone face, sometimes happy endings are limited to the book.

PS: story picked from imagination.


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Two line story

They told he said can’t walk.

He began running marathons , surely determination matters.

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Why our generation is not happy

Our expectations are getting higher and higher everyday. People who are from India can relate to the analogy I am going to give.

Few years back before Reliance Jio plans came, We are spending way too much for the 3G/4G, voice plans, rate cutter and sms also. After Jio came, we began to get 1GB 4G data, unlimited calls,sms all at cheap plans. We are happy initially. Now again we have started complaining about the data not sufficient for the usage. Just think about it , one thing which made you happy before is not enough now.

Like this in life We are setting our happiness way too high as we experience more things. Our expectations might motivate us to do more sometime,but most of the time its shouting we are not happy with what we have now at our face.


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Challenge yourself

Let’s do something different this year. Dig deep into your mind and find out one thing from the list to start with, it could be a hobby or sports activity or any random activity, which you didn’t try ever out of fear or you assumed you can’t do without trying.

Let’s challenge yourself to at least try it once this year to categorise it properly. There is a high chance that you might like it and add it to your favourite list. Who are all up for the challenge?

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Why do we miss childhood

I was wondering for a long time, why do we miss childhood so much considering the fact that during childhood, we wanted to grow up as quickly as possible. Luckily I was able to convince myself with this analogy when I wrote a Quora answer. Tell me if you also agree with this!

Let’s say you like biscuits, you began eating biscuits every day. At first, you like it, but after some time, you began to dream of the chocolates. You want your biscuit stack to get over so you can try chocolates, you eat more biscuits without even tasting it fully.

Now when you got chocolates, eventually You are bored of that also and you wish you have biscuits like before and realise it was good actually, but you didn’t enjoy eating it well.

Like this when we are kids, we want to grow up badly. When we do and see the life of adults, we want to go back again to childhood.


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Small advise to the so called Society

The society we live in are habitual to ask questions. Right from the sky to ocean, anything comes in their mind they ask without putting any filter, and the unique thing is they don’t realize how that questions are eating someone’s mind day and night after that.

“What is your grades?”

“Why don’t you take that course?”

“When will you marry?”

“How many kids you have?”

“Don’t you have a son?”

“Oh are your kids in abroad, leaving you all alone !”

Being a responsible citizen of society,

Let’s leave all this nonsense of asking uncomfortable questions, for which we won’t even remember their answer, busy with forming the other questions to shoot. Don’t ask formality questions, which will end up taking someone’s peaceful sleep.


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