My mother

As the rain
you washed off my tears

As the wind
you made my spirits high

As the blanklet
you protected me

As the mirror
you showed me who am

As the book
you made me learn this world

As the pen
you wrote my destiny

As the word
you gave me meaning

As the dream
you gave me confidence

As the playground
you taught me to rise after fall

As the angel
you came and bless my life

Even whole book is not enough,

But let me start with this small poem.


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6 responses to “My mother

  1. It touched my heart n soul. Good definitions of the heavenly soul bestowed upon us.

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  2. Thanks rkool πŸ™‚


  3. Nicely presented. Not everyone could pull that off.

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  4. Very nice Saranya. Keep writing ✍🏻 you have a beautiful pen.
    Thank you btw for the follow. Nice to have you on board.πŸ’–.

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