Thank you 2018

It feels like yesterday since I wrote farewell story to 2017. But it’s been already a year.

When I think about 2018 overall, a peaceful smile plays in my face. Because I had a wish list. At first, I thought this year also, wishes will remain just as wishes. But to my surprise, I have ticked off most of my wishes. Let’s see the list.

  • To complete my short stories book. I have published it with help from my friends. You can check on this quick link.

  • To read good books

I have read many books this year ,one of wonderful book which changed my thinking completelyis “the sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari. Everyone should read it at least once in life.

  • To stay fit and peaceful

I went on jogging and many long distance running race. It was fun.

  • Stay up to date with current news and to learn investment.

I had attained new hobby with practice ‘Drawing’, which I am very happy about. You can check out my previous posts. Things turned out so well this year, I want to remember 2018 as ” fulfilling year”. I wish I keep up the same energy level for the new set of wish list next year.

Thank you 2018 for giving me chance to sort out my life πŸ˜ƒ


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19 responses to “Thank you 2018

  1. Hi Saranya I like your style and thanks for what you write

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  2. When you writing something I can feel every character even full stops in your story telling

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  3. Best of the New Year to you. Nice post today. I will need to get the book. Keep up the good works for another year and you will be amazed by the results.

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  4. im just wondering does anyone else on here but me like drawing as well?

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  5. do you like any of my drawings that i posted they are on my site just type in the search bar and put in thenise dyson and it should come up.

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  6. i been drawing since i was little
    when i started my drawing were just scribble and scratch


  7. but ever since i started i always loved drawing
    and ever since i got better




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