we meet countless number of people in our life daily like the waves in the sea. But only very few leave their footprints in our heart in any form of relation (mostly as friends).We like to keep their sweet memories in our life.Just their name brings smile in our face.We want to have them forever in our life but due to many reasons that’s not always possible.Hmm we can’t complain  that is life. But their memories stays evergreen in our mind giving comfort and familiar warmth whenever we look back. Sure all have some precious  friends like that. I dunno how many such  friends I lost like this in my life and am still looking for them,to have them in my life but not only as  memories.


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  1. dilip



  2. I relate to this. It’s nice to have friends who have made moments in your life so special around physically, rather than just as memories. 🙂

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