Two things

In every situation we come across two things in our life.First one we love to do and we can take any risk to complete that and the joy we got from doing that is just immeasurable. Second one we have to do that may be easy one but we overlook that because of our lack of interest  and it seems like a huge task  to even take a single step in that and we always struck between these two. In our excitement  to do the things we love  , we just make the other things look like burden.Mostly these two  things are not same.Just imagine   but if  we love the things we got to do.Life will be happy even  without  any  great things.We will be satisfied with ourselves. Our work will be productive and lot more.We should enjoy the work we do which definitely reduce the hurdles to complete that, so one should do the work  they love but not at  the cost of ignoring other important works.



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