There is nothing in this world as strong as feelings. It is good to feel less. Love is nice feeling  ,but when it fails , it rip us apart.Care feels good when we get that in return and when someone else got that from our loved ones, it kills us. Happiness is superb   when we get that after a hard work, or else it just feels empty. Expectation sounds great if we get that thing,else it sucks our happiness. we may stop this feelings at one point but  the pain we got from that stays  forever as a scar. So every time when we  are giving importance to any of these feeling  we are accepting it’s effect in our life too.but we cant avoid this feeling  in our life  just we are experiencing that every time with the hope that it work that time 🙂

watch this video. This is my friend’s gift  🙂  :: http://youtu.be/ZMfTB7yR7XQ



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3 responses to “Feelings

  1. Rajat Malik

    That’s true. Feelings are as important to a person as his life for a person devoid of feelings is nothing but someone having a blunt knife expected to chop up the vegetables.


  2. A feeling is perceived in the mind as a means to assist one in relating to the World. If you refuse to relate to the truth, you will be able to manipulate your feelings in such a way that you will not understand the reality. This is sad as many require those around them to accept their feelings as Truth.

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