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நீ யார்

கொஞ்சி விளையாடிடும் மழலை
மாறச் செல்ல மகள்,
குறும்பு சண்டைகள் இட்டாலும் உடன் பிறந்தோரை
வழி நடத்தும் அன்பு சகோதரி ,
என்றும் தொடரும் பொறுப்புகளைச் சுமக்க புறப்பட்ட
தைரியமான ஒரு மனைவி,
குழந்தைகளிடம் அளவில்லா அன்பைக் கொட்டி
அவர்கள் அன்பைப் பெற ஏங்கும் ஒரு தாய்,
இவ்வளவு அடையாளம் இருந்தும் நாம்
அனைவரும் தனிமையில் மகிழ்ச்சியாய் இருக்கிறோமா?
இல்லை இதுதான் நாம் என்று மற்றவருக்காக
வாழ்ந்து வாழ்ந்து நம் வாழ்க்கை
ஒரு பெருமூச்சாய் முடியப் போகிறதா?
உருவாக்கிடுகள் ஒரு பதிலை
மற்றவர் பெயர் சேராமல்
ஒரு தனி அடையாளம், அது
எதுவாகினும் அதுவே என்றும் நீ !


who are you


You are that little

playful dear daughter,

you are that guiding sister

to siblings in the middle of silly fights,

You are that brave wife

who have started off to carry

everlasting responsibilities,

You are that mom

who loves her kids indefinitely

and yearns for their love,

Even when you have so many identities,

are you happy when you are alone?

or else you have compromised

yourself by living for others that

your life is going to end in regret?

if not, create an answer

without needing other’s name

one unique identity,

whatever it is, It’s you!




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                                           Change is the only thing that happens without any change.Nothing in this world remains as it is. culture,people,environment, society,technology everything changes here.change in technology gave this easy going life for us. Whenever a phoenix bird’s life ends new one born to take it place. But the old things are not completely neglected it forms the base for the new things.The problem is that  we get used to the routine things so we don’t like it to change.we get uncomfortable with changes.But change is unavoidable,it is important stage in growth of life and if we  don’t accept change we are  neglecting the nice experience. we had witnessed lot of changes in life and will see many more. It may seem tough to accept and m sure if we accept it  will lead us to much better path than before.


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Passion is a desire for something. It makes our life glowing with a new amazing energy. Many people shine in some specific field because of the that. It gives us peace  in doing that even though it is challenging. It differs from person to person like music,films,gardening,creation,designing,sports and much more. Passion is something inside us that keep us motivated for doing something in that. Every small things we do with that passion seems so awesome and  inspiring us to do more. Many people fights against this society to fulfill their passion. Some choose their passion as their field to achieve … and some enjoy that along with their other interests like me writing gives me peace and it help me to relax all my worries. It make me feel fulfilled. This passion for writing gives me chance how i can express myself. 🙂

Live life with ur passion in any way.


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we meet countless number of people in our life daily like the waves in the sea. But only very few leave their footprints in our heart in any form of relation (mostly as friends).We like to keep their sweet memories in our life.Just their name brings smile in our face.We want to have them forever in our life but due to many reasons that’s not always possible.Hmm we can’t complain  that is life. But their memories stays evergreen in our mind giving comfort and familiar warmth whenever we look back. Sure all have some precious  friends like that. I dunno how many such  friends I lost like this in my life and am still looking for them,to have them in my life but not only as  memories.


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Random drawing

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Two things

In every situation we come across two things in our life.First one we love to do and we can take any risk to complete that and the joy we got from doing that is just immeasurable. Second one we have to do that may be easy one but we overlook that because of our lack of interest  and it seems like a huge task  to even take a single step in that and we always struck between these two. In our excitement  to do the things we love  , we just make the other things look like burden.Mostly these two  things are not same.Just imagine   but if  we love the things we got to do.Life will be happy even  without  any  great things.We will be satisfied with ourselves. Our work will be productive and lot more.We should enjoy the work we do which definitely reduce the hurdles to complete that, so one should do the work  they love but not at  the cost of ignoring other important works.



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There is nothing in this world as strong as feelings. It is good to feel less. Love is nice feeling  ,but when it fails , it rip us apart.Care feels good when we get that in return and when someone else got that from our loved ones, it kills us. Happiness is superb   when we get that after a hard work, or else it just feels empty. Expectation sounds great if we get that thing,else it sucks our happiness. we may stop this feelings at one point but  the pain we got from that stays  forever as a scar. So every time when we  are giving importance to any of these feeling  we are accepting it’s effect in our life too.but we cant avoid this feeling  in our life  just we are experiencing that every time with the hope that it work that time 🙂

watch this video. This is my friend’s gift  🙂  ::



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