Surprise gift

Rosy went to the shop to chose  gift. She searched through all the shops to get the best one.  She spend lot of time in to chose,Taking one by one and analyzing it with care, sweet playful smile was decorating her face. It has almost became her routine for past few years. It was always fun to do so.

At last, she took a cute greeting,  looked at it with affection. When she reached home, she began to fill it with her feelings. It was the best part she liked ever , pouring out her feelings, After  lot of thinking,phrasing and rephrasing, she finished it  and ended with her favorite line.

Even waiting is fun , when its for you

She admired it for some time and opened the shelf . she kept it beside the other gifts . Her eyes longingly went through each gift. teddy bear, wallet, calendar, scrap book, photo frame, greetings,pen,smiley ball, many love letters and many more . But each one had one thing in common, it was not specifically addressed to any.

Along with those gifts sat the greeting she had brought today ,  patiently  waiting for the right person and right time to come, Years and years with loads of love and affection ,like her. Happy valentine’s day 🙂


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