I was thinking this for some days like  why all of us give importance to girls, their feelings and all…Ofcourse i agree it seems very odd from me as am also a girl…(haha)  I meant  guys also have feelings,worries and all
But  alone i cant do anything with that… But i made this small step to praise them… and this article is for my dad, brothers,friends…

They are very strong by nature both physically and mentally… they have lot of responsibilities in their life like son,brother,husband,father and much more… They fulfill every responsiblity with pride and love…Once we used to live in men dominated society. but now a days we are treated equally…It is also because of few guys who took some steps to stop  that… They supported girls a lot… instead of them it’s quite impossible to do manything for us…they are always with us in any role..

They dont complain much… that’s because  they dont want to stress all of us with the problem… but that doesnt mean they dont have problem , they have but they face that with bold heart… smiling face…
i had seen my father,keeping all those problems to himself and smiling at us like nothing happened… and they dont even take help of tears to show feelings, worries and all…They take care of their family with whole heart… and am not blaming this society .. it have reason to be behave like this ….  Guys are  superb they can handle many things without much support…. Am proud to say   ‘Hatsoff to u guys’



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9 responses to “Guys

  1. First time i’m reading something like this…. I mean a girl has written article on “guys” and that’s not about his “dream boy” :p nice….. keep it up! Do come with strong and new ideas just like this one….! 🙂

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  2. Great…Initially I thought that It would be a post related to feminism 🙂.


  3. Good and thanks for that respect to men.

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  4. I was all smiles while reading this.
    Thank you.

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  5. A beautiful tribute. Well done.

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