I fell in love

At last I fell in love,
With most wonderful person.
Someone who was there for me
Always every single minute of my life
Even when I try to run away from that person
All these years ,
Scolded,taken for granted,
Tried to change ,
Hated too much,
Hurted with comparisons.
It’s time to value
And to acknowledge the love.
i wont ever regret it.
i would be happiest person,
if i had accepted earlier.
With a huge smile,
i look directly into the mirror
and whisper ‘I am lucky and i owe you’
i have fallen in love
with me,
Now and forever.



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7 responses to “I fell in love

  1. Good one.. But the love which our heart has for others won’t be same as we has on us..
    Love is different.. It can be understood only when we love others.


  2. If loving oneself is to take care of oneself first so as to be ready to spread love to others,well and good. Too excessive self-love leads to narcissism and lack of empathy which isn’t good at all.


  3. Loving ourselves is the most important key. Before we can love anyone, loving ourselves is point, then we can accept love as a whole. Wonderful point.

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  4. This is the best kind of love I think 🙂 That is how we can best love others too, by first loving and accepting ourselves.

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  5. Rach

    Self love is the most important thing to have. Without it, we are not able to love in general, we tend to mirror ourselves onto others and that is were judgement and all the other negative effects take place. Being in self love, we promote positive energy, to others, to the world. Congrats on finding YOU!!

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  6. That’s the spirit! I’m glad you have finally arrived at that point.

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