Be strong

Sometimes I pat my shoulder
trying to be like outsider and
Say ‘be strong’
its good to hear
but its very hard to be strong
when problems hit you like waves
when breathing became difficult
when surrounding became suffocating
when people became senseless
when path seems so scary
when there is only thin line,
between hope and disappointment
I hear that distance voice
Telling me to “be strong”
I close my eyes and repeat it to me
and try to go ahead and to be strong.


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2 responses to “Be strong

  1. It’s nice words for the people who are worried if problem..

    I will share this to my friend who keep on worrying for baseless problem..


  2. Kiran Kumar V

    Uniquely, Well said ! Only thin line(be strong),
    between hope and disappointment. Be Strong!
    Like those lines.

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