Abundance vs scarcity

Everyone likes having an abundance of everything like luxury, money, comfort. But have you imagined your attitude towards it after that? Do you think you will like that the same way you ever yearned for that?

In earlier days, taking photos used to be very rare. Only during functions or on special occasions we used to take it. Do you remember how enthusiastically we were showing it to our friends, relatives when they come home? Now we have a phone and clicking selfies every now and then. But do we ever treasure it like before? Do we even care to see them like before? No, In reality As time goes on, we even forget about it.

In good old days, people were writing letters once in a while. So they thought a lot and wrote only important things. Some people even kept that letters as their memories. Now we have our wonderful handy invention ( phone) , we talk and chat a lot. We share every non trivial thing. Sometimes we even forget people around us and get lost in their virtual world phone creates. After some time do we even remember  what were we talking so interestingly?

when the phone or laptop was invented were coming into use, memory capacity of that used to be very less. We filtered a lot before saving anything in it. Now we have plenty of space, we keep every file which otherwise would have gone to trash.

Do you really think having something abundance make it important or just make us to take it for granted?

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9 responses to “Abundance vs scarcity

  1. I think it’s all about our attitude towards the availability… all we can do is to keep a check when we are taking things for granted in our lives… we should stop then and there and feel gratitude for that.
    Wonderful post, Saranya.

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  2. krish

    Very well written..too.much of anything is likely to go finally waste

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  3. They say you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it.

    To answer your question, I think it’s a bit of the both. Having something in abundance makes it important, but over time, we get used to it and end up taking it for granted.

    Before the beginning of blogs and anything internet-ish, there were very few ways for one to share his thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. But thanks to the advancement of technology, the world has now become a global village.

    It’s a good thing, sure, but it has its perks. People don’t think it’s necessary to visit that guy who stays down the street since they can just say hi to him with a text message or via Facebook.

    So, social media (like most of technology’s advancement) is making us less social?

    I don’t know if I’m digressing…

    In short, having something abundantly makes us love that thing so much until we get used to it and it doesn’t look special in our eyes anymore.

    Great post!

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  4. I think this is a really important and well-thought out discussion. When life gets easier, do we stop fighting for it?

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  5. I think we all at some point take something for granted!

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