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My dream was not impossible
It was clear as sky
Light as air
Still it was my need much
More than water or food
It kept me motivated
Made my life alive
Made day and night as one
Now as its reality
Its time to start dreaming again 😉


October 31, 2018 · 11:01 pm


Be a sport
Don’t hesitate
oh come on, play
without the fear
of falling down,
of losing,
of not finishing,
first just start,
without any anticipation,
no rules,
no restrictions,
play to your heart content
cherish the moments
life is beautiful playground
Even when you lose,
you will have scars to be proud of !

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Real magic

Lilly was wandering in garden lost deeply in her thoughts. She was thinking about  the tale her mom was reciting her last night. The Thought of fairies always  make her jump in joy and it was her favorite bed time story so far. She could not shake off the questions arising in her little mind .
What if there really exists fairies somewhere hidden unseen unheard by humans?‘. There was heavy wind blowing but she was just unaware of the surrounding so mesmerized in her thoughts.

Suddenly a bird was making huge helpless sound and grabbed her attention, It’s nest was about to fall down because of the wind , the bird was flying around it in worry.  Lilly heart beat increased in fear , she started running towards the tree , praying for the bird and its nest.

Then suddenly out of nowhere appeared a fairy and it waved it’s hand and the nest reached the safe place in the tree , Bird was singing merrily now . Lilly was relieved.
But she could not believe her eyes. Is it true ? or is she just dreaming ?


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Lilly was curious , she wanted to approach the fairy . She is so overjoyed. As she started running fast, fairy disappeared just as magically as it appeared. She sat down near
the tree looking disappointed. Then she heard a swirl of movement near her , As she looked in that direction, same fairy was floating few inch away from her.

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Lilly was curious , she wanted to approach the fairy . She is so overjoyed. As she started running fast, fairy disappeared just as magically as it appeared. She sat down near
the tree looking disappointed. Then she heard a swirl of movement near her , As she looked in that direction, same fairy was floating few inch away from her.

She slowly extended her hand , fairy sat on her palm. She was looking at the fairy for long time , It was so bright and its little wings were fluttering fast. It was really looking
magically mesmerizing.

Fairy was waving its hand to get her attention “Aren’t you going to bombard me with questions?” asked fairy. Lilly laughed. She said ” Am too excited to ask Questions

After some time she asked “Are you real?”. Fairy smiled and said “It depends on how people see me“. She shook her head indicating she did not understand.

Fairy began to explain to her
Lilly i can be real or just a piece of imagination. It depends on how you visualize me. I agree everyone want something magical to happen. But frankly you want me to do that at least. Magic is there everywhere with everyone , It is here right in this moment in that kind heard of yours running to save that nest. Am just a belief and shadow of helping heart. If you  want to see me always keep the caring nature and compassionate heart” saying this fairy disappeared. Lilly wake up with a start , wondering how come she had fallen asleep in garden.
When she looked around , she saw the birds chirping in tree. She was thinking ‘ was it really a dream or message for her life ?

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Be Positive

Being positive is not
something you feel when
you have everything,
It’s that huge effort
to get back your courage
after a failure,
It’s that tough job
to smile after a crash,
It’s that miraculous start
after you felt the pain,
It’s that maturity
needs to collect yourself from
bits and pieces after merciless fall,
Always be positive
With that you are already
half way towards success.
Practice it, then success is no more a surprise!





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Happiness Overloaded

Sometimes a small
yet satisfying smile
appears within you
slowly becoming bright
you share it with few
happily very generously
they share it with few more
Like this it goes on and on
Reaching everyone
Try to be the reason of someone’s smile
to experience that priceless feel – ‘Happiness overloaded’

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Surprise gift

Rosy went to the shop to chose  gift. She searched through all the shops to get the best one.  She spend lot of time in to chose,Taking one by one and analyzing it with care, sweet playful smile was decorating her face. It has almost became her routine for past few years. It was always fun to do so.

At last, she took a cute greeting,  looked at it with affection. When she reached home, she began to fill it with her feelings. It was the best part she liked ever , pouring out her feelings, After  lot of thinking,phrasing and rephrasing, she finished it  and ended with her favorite line.

Even waiting is fun , when its for you

She admired it for some time and opened the shelf . she kept it beside the other gifts . Her eyes longingly went through each gift. teddy bear, wallet, calendar, scrap book, photo frame, greetings,pen,smiley ball, many love letters and many more . But each one had one thing in common, it was not specifically addressed to any.

Along with those gifts sat the greeting she had brought today ,  patiently  waiting for the right person and right time to come, Years and years with loads of love and affection ,like her. Happy valentine’s day 🙂


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I was thinking this for some days like  why all of us give importance to girls, their feelings and all…Ofcourse i agree it seems very odd from me as am also a girl…(haha)  I meant  guys also have feelings,worries and all
But  alone i cant do anything with that… But i made this small step to praise them… and this article is for my dad, brothers,friends…

They are very strong by nature both physically and mentally… they have lot of responsibilities in their life like son,brother,husband,father and much more… They fulfill every responsiblity with pride and love…Once we used to live in men dominated society. but now a days we are treated equally…It is also because of few guys who took some steps to stop  that… They supported girls a lot… instead of them it’s quite impossible to do manything for us…they are always with us in any role..

They dont complain much… that’s because  they dont want to stress all of us with the problem… but that doesnt mean they dont have problem , they have but they face that with bold heart… smiling face…
i had seen my father,keeping all those problems to himself and smiling at us like nothing happened… and they dont even take help of tears to show feelings, worries and all…They take care of their family with whole heart… and am not blaming this society .. it have reason to be behave like this ….  Guys are  superb they can handle many things without much support…. Am proud to say   ‘Hatsoff to u guys’



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what if , there is no tomorrow

‘what if, there is no tomorrow’ topic is very ironic right ? Okay let me tell you why I chose this topic. Today I have happened to see a fire accident. you may say ‘oh yes . fire accident happen often .what’s the big deal?’ May be I would have also said the same , if I hadn’t seen one myself. when you hear something so often , your emotions die. It’s very true , everything is a news until it happens to you . People were running, fetching water, calling ambulance,fire engine. But It was nothing compared to the chaos going on in my mind. It was the same thought whirling around  ‘what if , there is no tomorrow’.

Surely Accidents can happen anytime , No one can predict it, Not even the best astrologer.  People lose their life even in a nano second. Sometimes even before they realize ‘it’s the end’. What if, this is our last day ? would we leave anything incomplete, anything unsaid, anything unexpressed ? May be that one thing Could be more important in your life when it’s done. Don’t pile up anything for tomorrow.  Say the things you want to say to anyone you care, before its too late.

Leave the dream of tomorrow’s palace, live in the reality of today’s home. Lead your life without any regret of unsure tomorrow. Before you do anything, just think about it ‘ What if , there is really no tomorrow‘.


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Birthday or Deathday

This is written for a challenge to write a same story in different people’s view.

Author’s POV:

“Hello. Who’s this? “ Asked the Policemen in the bored tone.

“Inspector. My friend … In my house …. I mean. He died suddenly. We are all here … Please hurry up ” Said Nancy in the trembling voice.

“Please calm down. What’s your name? Where is your house? What happened?” He tried to get more information from her. After getting it, he disconnected the call and hurried to that place.

Taran was standing near the entrance supporting myself in the wall, his knees were ready to give away anytime. While the police entered, He came forward and blocked the way.

“What do you want? Who are you? I want to know right now” He blabbered nonchalantly.

“I want to see Nancy. I am inspector Badri and you are? “ He extended his arm to shook taran’s hand.

Taran laughed like a maniac and said looking at himself.

“Do I look like Nancy? I don’t think so. Nancy is he mad? “ He called out to Nancy.

She hurried to that place hearing the commotion.

“I am so sorry Inspector. He is my friend and he’s little out of control now” She replied apologetically and supported the Taran who was going to fall.

“It’s Okay. You are the one who talked to me in phone right? What happened?” He asked her looking around the room. Room was so nicely decorated with balloons and posters. The birthday cake was visible in the table, it seemed barely touched by anyone.

Nancy started crying and said in the middle of sobs “ My friend Samuel. Today is his birthday. I planned this to give him a surprise and invited all his friends. We are about to cut the cake, he got a call in middle, He went out to speak as there was a lot of noise here. Later he didn’t come back. He’s lying dead in the backyard. “

Inspector went to the backyard to examine the situation. Samuel was lying in the spread-eagled position in the cold evening. His face was so happy and peaceful. Constable carried on with the further procedures.

Nancy introduces Hitesh, Prabha and Shashwat to the inspector. Inspector proceeded with the interrogation. He looked calmly at Prabha and waited for her to talk, She looked shaken and her eyes are teary.

“We worked in the same office. He is a very good friend of mine” She said in low voice.

“Are you sure he is just a friend? “ Inspector asked sharply, she seemed to be stopping herself from saying something.

“He is my… I mean … I liked him” She said shyly.

Taran shouted from the other side “ Oh I also like you” She rolled his eyes at him.

Inspector carried on with the interrogation. Hitesh seemed simple guy, his ex-colleague and then Shashwat came.

“I was working with him a few months back. Then sadly he lost his job. But we were good friends “ he snorted in the middle of saying this as if controlling the urge to laugh.

Nancy was so angry, she yelled at him “ Inspector he’s lying. He didn’t like Samuel at all. I merely invited him to the party, because Samuel thought he’s good friend. He was happy when Samuel lost his job”

“Oh calm down girl. I will resolve everything” said Taran still filling his glass with wine.

Everyone ignored his comments.

Inspector looked intently at Shashwat, he merely shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

“Inspector, Please find who is the culprit. Samuel was a very nice person. He is very cheerful and fun loving guy, even when he lost his job. He is ….” Nancy’s voice trailed away in tears.

So far, Police couldn’t find any motive for murder. There was nothing unusual. There was no struggle and no blood anywhere. Police was interrogating the neighbourhood in vain.

They closed the case after examining the autopsy report as “Heart Attack”.


Story from Samuel’s pov:

I was standing there in confusion. People were watching my body laying still. Even I couldn’t believe I have died. I will just wait and watch what they will do now. I simply floated in the air following them inside.

I settled in the chair next to Inspector and began to wait for the interrogation, I am curious to hear their side of the story. He began to question Prabha. She was my crush, but I couldn’t talk to her much, she was also not comfortable with me. I sighed. But when she told she liked me. I was in cloud nine.

“OMG. If only you said this earlier, I also liked you “ I shouted forgetting that no one can hear me. When they questioned shashwat, I was expecting to hear usual good things about me. But things got changed when Nancy accused him.

I was very surprised he didn’t make any attempt to deny her accuses. I thought him as my good friend. If only I could punch him now. After investigating everyone, they concluded it as ‘Heart attack’.

I was having difficulty remembering the details of the day, still, I am clueless. I was in depression and was going to the doctor for a long time, but I didn’t tell anyone. I tried to be more cheerful. Nancy was well-wisher. She tried to make a surprise party with my friends. But before cutting the cake, I got a call. I went out to take it. There was a girl’s voice in the other end, She was telling me some good news. I tried very hard to remember what that was. My head started spinning, My sanity questioned me ‘Do ghost feel these kinds of things?’ Maybe I am the very hypersensitive imaginative ghost I concluded.

My phone blinked with a message. “ We will wait for your onboarding on the company”. Oh yes, Now I remember I had cleared that interview. Really? Did I get the heart attack on hearing that? I sighed.

I remember my doctor words ‘Sometimes bad thing is not actually bad and good things is not actually good. It could have the opposite effect too in your life’. Dunno whether he meant it or not. It happened in my life.

My heart skipped a few beats that day in joy and I took my last breath. Oh, wait a minute. Will they let me join now as a ghost? I laughed before disappearing in thin air. To highlight it ‘ So Happy I Could Die’ song was playing in the distance.


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Sports day

Today is sports day in our school. It is my first year in here as teacher.

Small kids were so excited about it. Childhood is very blissful time. They have worn their house colour and ready to play. For now, it is only the game. They have lot more to handle after they grew up. I sighed. All parents and audience were there to cheer them up.

Race started. First one is filling the bottle in one end with water from other end.

All kids lined up. After the whistle is blown, they took water in their small hand and started towards their destination except one girl.

She remained there taking water again and again , not happy with the leaking . She did not aware others have left. She just stood there trying to hold on as much water as possible. I was curious.

I went to her side and asked “Riya what happened ? ”

She looked up at me and spoke in her innocent voice ” I want to take more water in one time itself, then I will win.”

I smiled at her and replied “Riya you should take only that much your hand can hold. Otherwise you will spill all water . Now come on, take some amount and start. With few try, you will eventually fill the bottle.”

She thought for a minute then seem to understand my point, she put her hand in the tub and took little amount of water and started towards the other end.” She hurried after that and came in top position.

I wondered I was able to explain her this simple thing, but we actually should remember this for all situations in life. Take only that much you can handle in life , whether it’s work or money or responsibility. Don’t try to get everything in one go.


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