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Is money important

This question has many types of answers. You can talk money is nothing, it is just numbers in your account. What’s the big deal. I was also talking like that until I faced this situation in life. Let’s try to

put yourself in this position and see.

1 Someone important to you is critical in hospital , you don’t have money in hand and even when you get your next salary , if it’s not enough then what to do ? Well you can argue ,better take insurance , okay now Even when You have insurance, but what if there is complication in getting it on time. What would you do then ?

2 Your mom complains her leg is paining, you want to take her for hospital. When you express the same she simply replies,” it will be alright, I will apply a balm. Why do we waste money on this ? “ How do you convince her then ?

3 Your kids are very bright students. They chose a good school and also get the admission with their good marks. You also know that’s good school, if they take this opportunity they will shine in their future. But you can’t afford it. What do you tell them?

4 Your parents were working hard all these years, sacrificing their needs to fulfil yours. Now you want to give them some of the needs they might have but couldn’t fulfill it before. How do you do it ?

Now you answer the same question. Isn’t money important in these case ? Don’t always think of money and run after it.But make sure you work hard to afford the basic necessities peacefully with your money. Know your priorities while spending even a penny ! I repeat earning money is as important as the reason behind spending it.


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Positive day

Awesome day is waiting

Being positive is a trick of happiness

Catch the dreams  

Day by Day take a step towards it, Because

Even the dark tunnel has hope of light at the end.

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Be happy

Happiness is not something you attain. It is never a result of some happening in your life .  It is simply a conscious choice you make daily. Whether you have something or missed something you can be happy, only key thing is your desire to be happy however the situation is.

You can give only those things which you have it yourself, so be happy to give others the same happiness. We attract those things which we want, so  you should first want to be happy . More importantly chose to be happy.  Give out positive vibes.

Challenge the problems with smile and laugh at your hurdles. Come on , smile and, Be Happy 🙂


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Girl, lost in thoughts

I am so happy. I wanted to drew her for long time. She is one who inspired me to take pencil first time. I just love her expression, at last dream came true. Here she is , result of my creative hands. 😁


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This is how I fell for me

Human psychology says you fell in love with the person , you spend most of your times with.

When you are surrounded by loving people, you feel dependent on them for your happiness. You stay under the illusion that , you feel loved just because of their stay in your life.

Imagine the time when they unfortunately leaves you , you became depressed losing their company. But when you get used to be alone but happy. That’s how you fell in love with yourself.

You don’t lock yourself in room and worry. You go out and shop till you get your awesome collection of dresses, you go and enjoy your favourite sweet. You buy books you love and get lost in it. You spend quality time with you grooming yourself and smiling happily. that’s my story also 🙂


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Move on from the past

Let’s say You like a book, you spend lot of time reading it , you really enjoyed the flow of the story, you can literally feel the smile litting up your face on mention of the book. But that story had unexpected sad ending. Same story which made you smile some time back ,left you alone with tears. Now when you think of it again , even those happy moments haunt you badly . But being the loyal reader, you visit your bookshelf and look at it with teary eyes. You don’t dare to pick it up again and read or forget about it.

Now coming back to your question, our past is like this book, which you might have enjoyed but can’t bring it back again to relive . Because you know now how things will end, it’s time is gone. Present is waiting eargerly to get your attention. Try to live in present for a change.

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Words are mirror
Reflects thoughts without terror,
Words are like Rainbow shade
It’s joy is hard to fade,
Words are like waves
shows what the heart craves,
words are like drug
with perfect dose it struck,
words are like rock,
each one rocks,
I am crazy collector of such playful words in my mind!

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Innocent girl


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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh , short, cute lovely cartoon character wants to spend some time with you. Hope you enjoy it’s company 😊


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Forgetting is a bliss

I forgot the fall

That’s how I was able to ride cycle,

I forgot my pain

That’s how I am smiling,

I forgot the fear

That’s how I am trying new things,

I forgot the fight

That’s how I get along with people,

I forgot the way back

That’s how I found a short route

I forgot some people

That’s how I happily stay stranger to them,

Forgetting was always fun

Result surprise me whenever I do so!


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