You & your happiness

Have you ever wondered why we feel like chasing happiness throughout our life, but it is just getting away from us?

Only one thing stand between you and the complete happiness . Guess what is it ? Well it’s not a secret.

It’s ‘your perception’ of life . You have a dream in your mind, a painting of how your life should be. You always compare that dream with what your life is now and try to find only what is missing there. When the variation is huge , You end up being disappointed with the results. Don’t look for ‘what is missing’ ,  always ask yourself  ‘why it is missing’. 

Oh hold on, am not saying don’t dream take life as it is. Have a big colorful dream but try to make it well planned one. Outline the path you need to take to reach there someday and work on it.

For example , Let’s say you have a dream to cook biryani today. You need to plan for that . First you should start with getting all needed ingredients and then you need to follow the recipe till end. If you don’t do all this , just cooked noodles as it’s easy and keep on getting disappointed for not having biryani. Whose fault it is !! Think and act accordingly in your life. So come on, Dream big and also most importantly make sure to pave your way to reach it. If you do this , you will find Happiness is a gradual progress, you will make each day in life. 


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2 responses to “You & your happiness

  1. But can we perceptions of a bad thing as a good one


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